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Are you feeling Horngry? My new XConfessions release!

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
I have a new release on XConfessions! And I can’t wait for you to see it! This one is inspired by a foody confession and stars three of my favourite performers from the recent volumes – Luna Corazon, Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon – as well as a brand new face to XConfessions, Kali Sudhra! And yes, it’s a foursome, full of deliciousness, fun and pleasure.
Like a lot of twenty-something women, I love going out dancing with my friends. A bunch of us, out nightclubbing, and grabbing a greasy kebab at the end of the night when we’re super drunk and hungry. This one fantasy I have though, (and I would LOVE to see it in film….) combines hungry-ness and horni-ness… so it’s the end of the night and we go into a kebab shop, and the guy behind the counter is so fucking cute. So we ask when he’s finished and he says “in half an hour”, so we order a kebab each and sit and watch him and wait for him to finish. And when he’s done, he turns out the lights and locks the door, and we fuck on top of the tables! Me and my best girl friends, surrounded by greasy, delicious food and sex. And afterwards he makes us chips to take home. Does everyone feel super hungry when they’re horny?!
From yummy69’s confession Horngry.
Exclusive interviews here with Luna, Kali and Tyler.
After a big night out these girls are seriously hungry, or should I say “Horngry“. Good thing Kali has a friend downtown who’s not only gorgeous adult performer Tyler Nixon, but is also a chef with his very own late night food truck! Unfortunately, not that late night. Annoyed and bemused by the incessant bangs on the door, Tyler opens to up find three beautiful girls, all desperate for what he’s storing inside!
After rustling up some late night sandwiches and some typical Spanish pulpo, Anya’s still in the mood to play and drags Tyler off into the back of his food truck. It doesn’t take long for Luna and Kali to join them. And what happens next… you’ll have to watch and see! But I can tell you it’s full of giving, pleasuring and loving <3 
I really adore the vibe of this short. It’s my first foursome with three girls and only one guy! Which of course means a lot of female pleasure. But it’s not about the typical gender balance with these guys. They got on so well and had so much chemistry during the shoot that they were so excited, desperate to pleasure each other and be with each other. It flowed so naturally, like they all automatically knew how to push each other’s buttons. And I think that really comes across in the short! In fact, they were having so much fun that at some point they completely forgot they were being directed and carried on well after I’d said “cut”! Can’t say I blame them… All the performers are unbelievably sexy, but they made the whole shoot laid back and silly, constantly laughing and giggling. On top of that, there’s a lot of respect in that van… Among the screams and moans of undeniable pleasure, there’s a lot of intimacy, adoration and care. I couldn’t have hoped for a better scene with a better cast!
This is definitely one short I wish I could make again and again. Especially with the incredibly delicious pulpo (that’s squid) sandwiches made by Privat Events (not Tyler, surprised?) And a word to the wise, never ask three hungry adult performers to put their food down and come shoot the movie, the food comes first! I don’t think Tyler was as excited about the squid as the girls were, he got a bit freaked out!
I’m so happy to share Kali Sudhra with the world! Not only is she a gorgeous Canadian performer, activist and chef, she’s also an important part of the Lust Team, working as part of my production team and helping me find new performers! She is old friends with Anya and Tyler now, after appearing along side them as an extra in The Ski Instructor! Horngry was her first adult performance for XConfessions, and she rocked! She was super fun to have on set and her chemistry with the other actors was infectious! Check out her behind the scenes interview here!

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film

* All photos in this post: Are by Adriana Eskenazi

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