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3 by Amarna, a pack of short films directed by Amarna Miller

Hello my dear lovely lusties,

Today is a very special day! After reading, watching and following the fabulous Amarna Miller for so long – and loving every minute of it -, it was about time for us to finally get to know Amarna – The Director.


That’s right! Besides being one of the most amazing performers I had the pleasure to work with, speaking her mind out of what she thinks about sex work, rights, erotica, feminism and everything else with strong attitude and no fear, and stamping magazine covers dressed as a virgin (seriously, who else could have done that in such a tender and provocative way?), Amarna is also a super talented film director. She’s already directed three very sexy short videos- ad she’s the star in two of those!

I asked if she would be interested in bringing those to the world, and she said yes! So we compiled her short films in a special pack, gave it the title”3 by Amarna“, and released it today in Lust Cinema. Yep – it’s already available and you can either watch it now or download it in my store!

I also asked Amarna to write a short text introducing herself and speaking a little bit about her work behind the cameras. So, with the word, Amarna Miller!


> Introducing 3 by Amarna (text by Amarna Miller)

First things first. Before I start, let me introduce myself: my name is Amarna. I’m a writer (sometimes), a photography lover, addicted to indian food and a proud driver of a hippie van. I’m obsessed with creating an orchard and raise my own chickens. I love to travel. For three months I traveled Australia and lived in a tent. For three straight days I padded a kayak down a river in New Zealand. I have dived with great white sharks. My right ear is split, I was born with a tooth and every summer I try fruitlessly to get freckles on my nose. I do not know how to swim. Nor cycle. I’m a horrible driver.

I collect antique dolls, I write poetry, I buy my clothes at second hand shops and I like history and archeology. I’m polyamorous, pansexual and feminist. I always wear military boots and I’m obsessed with Burning Man. I drink black tea with soy milk.

I am also a sex worker. I started in the porn industry at 19, managing my own production company while recording videos of myself and my friends to try to show the world that another porn was (and is!) possible. As a consumer of content that I didn’t identify with, I wanted to show real intimacy on camera. The genuine connection you have with your partner once you close the bedroom door. I wanted to show that X films can present credible relationships with real people, who are really attracted to each other. No more stupid arguments, feigned moans and acrobatic positions. May all falsehood we are accustomed to be replaced by deep kissing, passionate bites and gazes that can pierce both body and panties.

Unfortunately my production company closed, but my desire to change the world, my ideals and my utopias are still seething within this crazy head of mine. So I focused on my acting career, and gave wings to my speech on the screens.

Until now. Because I have decided that it is already time to take the camera again and show what I have learned throughout this time.

Here is my manifesto, my gut, my strongest desires. All the things that give me goosebumps in my neck, and that wet my crotch.

So here is what I’ve been cooking: three videos full of my most hidden regions, my labyrinths, chinks of myself.

I hope you enjoy them. We’ll see each other soon.

A shot from “Blowjobmania”.
In “Eclipse”, she performs with Mickey Mod.
Amarna directs Eris in “Pecata Mundi”.

Definitely worth watching. You go, Amarna!

Watch it now in Lust Cinema!

Or download it now in my store!

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