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6 Films, 7 Directors. The 13th Volume in the XC series is powerfully erotic and flawlessly beautiful.

Crawling, stomping, dancing and fucking in the mud is the order of the day from returning Guest Director Nuria Nia in Mud Dance. Contrasting the bright red hair of Lucy Huxley in her yellow jumpsuit as a mechanic, she loosens off her hard working body to become naked and free among the muddy fields of her small town. Bishop Black joins her in an earthy, fiery and deeply human explicit scene that almost explodes with desire and passion.

In Sex Work is Work Parts 1 and 2 Erika Lust confronts, head on, the dichotomy of stigma and power that all sex workers face. Although the huge majority of the population watches porn or engages in sex work, it is still misunderstood and its participants ostracized. Lust combines intimate, complex interviews with her performers, alongside a full length real cam session with American cammers Moth & Rust, and a documentary following Maria Riot as she hires Dante Dionys as an escort.

Frostbite brings us three brand new directors all the way from Finland. As two women sit in the sauna, a different kind of heat rises between them, and our three directors take us into the dream world between waking desire and unconscious lust. Visually stunning, erotic, artistic and totally unique, this is adult cinema quite unlike anything you’ll have witnessed before, flawless in execution and bound to be remembered.

Plus there’s Tinder Taxi with another returning Guest Director, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, a sci-fi fantasy film where a woman desires leaving the world of dating apps behind to find real passion with a stranger; and Pirate Jenny Strikes Again! from British director Terri Heart. Jenny is trying to sell her cold, old boat. How far is she willing to go to try and convince a customer to buy it? Surely there’s an easier way than re-painting the whole thing..

To watch the trailers of each film, click on the posters below!

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