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First Lesbian Loves on Lust Cinema

First Love by Jacky St. James

Romance, desire and tenderness – Jacky St. James delivers a collection of intimate lesbian scenes that will not disappoint you! On the surface First Love may seem more catered towards a mainstream audience – but don’t let the blonde hair fool you! Jacky has incredible skill at taking a very simple story and turning it into something beautiful. If it’s soft kisses, gentle strokes and charming moments of shy giggles, this is the film for you.

Watch the trailer now

Mia Malkova fancies her super hot bio-chemistry teacher. She’s been hiding this crush for so long – and she’s sure that Riley Nixon doesn’t feel the same way. One day when they’re studying, Riley asks Mia for a favor. She needs a model to draw for her art class – naked. Mia agrees, but now she’s freaking out – why did she offer to do this with the woman she’s so madly in love with?

Gia Paige is getting married – but is it really the right choice? She’s conflicted because, really, she’s never felt this way before – but not the way she feels about her husband. It’s Stella Cox that she can’t get enough of. But the big day is here, and she’s meant to be walking down the aisle. Can she say how she truly feels before it’s too late?

Candace Lux and Natalia Starr are roommates, and Candace is pretty sure Natalia is straight. Until the night she invites her to go to a party together – as a date! Are all of Candace’s dreams coming true?

To round off the collection, Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James star in a story of internet romance. When they meet on online dating, the chemistry is undeniable. But when they meet in real life, it seems like something is just… missing. They both go home and forget about the date, until they stumble upon each other again. And this time, the awkwardness of a first date has disappeared, to be replaced by pure lust. 

At Lust Cinema I share with you all of the films I find made by ethical porn companies. It’s easy to be critical of all mainstream porn, and I would like to see some more diversity in the casting of films like First Love. They are all white and thin.. but there’s also a beauty to this film and an honest tenderness that is inescapable. It’s important that to get progressive ideas through to larger parts of society that we take smart steps, and I think with this film Jacky has managed to create something that will draw a huge audience and simultaneously show them how good porn can be when you focus on real pleasure, intimacy and emotion, rather than robotic, emotionless, punish fucking. It’s going to make your toes tingle!

Watch it now on Lust Cinema

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