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Beautiful Bisexuality: Le Baiser by Ovidie

As one of the most confessed fantasies, straight women are curious about experimenting with other women. Taking a step into the world of bisexuality, it can sometimes just a one night wonder, but other times it might make them question exactly what they want out of their relationships. This is what the talented and acclaimed French Director Ovidie explores in our new Lust Cinema release Le Baiser (The Kiss).

The film follows a young woman (Tiffany Doll) in a 10 year long relationship with a man (Rico Simmons). Sure of her sexuality, until she meets a seductive American artist (Madison Young) traveling through Paris. Sharing an intimate kiss on a bridge, the touch of her lips linger… Her mind is tortured by the desire to have a woman’s body. So after some time apart, the two succumb to their hunger and start a relationship.


Ovidie’s exploration of bisexuality is intuitive, whilst also representing the conflicts inside Tiffany’s mind as she tried to figure out what she wants. The film also dips into realms of pansexuality during a steamy scene in a pool, where her husband becomes entangled in their love making. The chemistry has a kinky and experimental edge as you watch in anticipation to see how the character react to each other. Madison Young is the perfect rebellious seducer of the timid character played fluidly by Tiffany Doll.


The sex is explicit but realistic in its portrayal thanks to Ovidie’s sexually intelligent cinematography. Set again one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, this film is full of lust enriched with natural sunlight. But it also has an edge with a darker dramatic side as relationships conflict. Another incredible film by one of my favorite directors of female-led erotica!

Head over to Lust Cinema to watch the full film or download it in HD in my Lust Store with 30% OFF all of Ovidie’s films using the code OVIDIE30 at check out. Including Pulsion, Infidélité, Liberté Sexuelle and Histories de Sexe(s).



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