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Frozen Sweat and Lust in the Steam Room in Frostbite

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Frostbite by Laura Rämö, Luna Kuu & Martin Jäger

Please give a warm welcome to my Scandinavian cousins, the incredible directing trio Luvvbites, with their new film for my XConfessions series. Coming all the way from the chilliest woods and most remote sauna in Finland, Luvvbites takes us inside an intense and thrilling fantasy, with inspiration from David Lynch, or the film Under the Skinwith a surreal, fresh, totally unique take on adult cinema.

Vera M and Emihurts are both first-time Finnish performers, who are also friends in real life. The intimacy and chemistry between them is palpable on screen, and their similar looks and heights add to the surreal, dreamy atmosphere. The two are sitting in the sauna, sweat dripping along their oily bodies as they bask in the heat. When Vera decides to leave, Emihurts remains and starts being aroused by the thought of her friend. What happens next is an exploration of lucid submission, fantasy, imagination and desire. I was totally blown away, and I think you will be too!

Watch the trailer below! 

It was winter, and here the winters are bitterly cold. The air was crisp, so sharp it almost hurt to breathe. Me and my best friend were on a kind of family retreat, where both of our parents liked to holiday every year. We always snuck off together when we were younger but we’d grown apart. Now we were older, and there was something about her. She’d changed. My feelings about her had changed.

We went to the sauna one day, as the ice dripped on the stiff branches outside, and we were sweating, sitting in silence, alone. I looked at her, like seeing her for the first time. Her mouth, a bead of sweat sitting on her upper lip. Her nipples, large and soft. The skin along the side of her jaw, the piercings in her ears. The shape of her hands. The soft hairs on her legs.

part of the confession, translated, on XConfessions by liina


Exclusive interviews here with Vera, Emihurts and The Directors.


Watch Frostbite on XConfessions now!

Get Behind the Scenes below!

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All photos in this post are by Tuisku Lehto

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