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Get yourself going with Delilah’s Top Tips

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Delilah’s Top Tips by JoyBear


Lust Cinema is back with a brand new film! Delilah’s Top Tips, directed by Justine Mii, is everything you’d expect from the “very British very naughty” JoyBear: pretty, fun and insatiable.

Watch the trailer:



Delilah is an ex-publisher who realized that her true gift was to help people. But she wasn’t interested in their financial problems, or economic, or emotional: her thing was solve everyone’s carnal conundrums! She spends her day reading letters from her readers who are facing the most unexpected problems: the cricket player who is insanely turned on by her coach, but doesn’t know if he’s straight; an ONG worker who’s constantly horny and decides to wear loveballs during her time at work; a guy who finds a bag containing a whip in it and isn’t sure if he should returning it to her owner in person…

If Delilah’s now knows as the nation’s naughtiest agony aunt, she certainly deserves the title!

You already know how much I admire JoyBear for working so well their plot and sets, and for always delivering a film within their (highly set) standards. This is also the first film I watched directed by Justine Mii. Still haven’t got the chance to meet her but it sounds like JoyBear have some promising new things coming up!

DON’T MISS OUT: the behind-the-scenes at the end. It includes a series of sex-related questions answered by the performers. Never say no to some good sex advice!

Watch Delilah’s Top Tips now in Lust Cinema, or download it in HD in my store.







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