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Every detail of the XConfessions series as well as every site of Erika Lust is carefully thought out and has a creative process and proposal behind it. Credits, colors, fonts, distribution of space, photos…  everything goes through our wonderful Art Director: Cristina! She’s tough and extremely talented and makes sure our aesthetic lives up to the amazing concept we have. So let’s hear it from her…


“That’s the magic of Lust: we are all so passionate about our work and really want to do something that matters (we are changing porn!).”

What’s your job description at Lust?

I’m the Art Director of Lust. I take care of all the graphic material we create (the signage, editorial pieces and press releases, websites, the letterings and rolling credits for short films, …), I supervise photographic material, I manage the production of all printed material and whenever I can, I play as an extra in different short films of XConfessions.

How did you end up working here?

I think this story is way too long and requires some privacy and lots of drinks to tell it. Briefly I will say that once I asked for a contact to the Madame of a brothel and she handed me Pablo’s email.

How was the graphic concept of Lust created? What is behind its aesthetics?

When I arrived at Lust, the project XConfessions was about to be born, a project we felt it would be of great significance and would define us. We talked a lot about who we wanted to be. Erika was already a referent for feminist porn and we wanted to add a modern and revolutionary sentiment to this. XConfessions, for me, was the engine to create all the art of Lust. Erika is a bright mind, someone who is questioning a heavy industry, where everyone has something to say and very few dare to bring something different to the table and I would say that’s exactly what’s behind its aesthetics: a struggle to make pornography an open, real, fun and interesting space with a feminist perspective. I think that understanding this is essential to change this world ( and many others).

What is the funniest part about working with Erika?

Without a doubt the team I work with. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such talented people whom I respect greatly and consider good friends. I think this is the magic of Lust: that we are all so passionate about our work and really want to do something that matters (we are changing porn!). It has much to do with each one of us having a specific role and feeling that our work is significant to the project. I believe that is a very smart move from the managers, to trust you and give you the power (and the responsibility, of course) to do you your job.

For me it’s a joy to share the work space with people so bright and that it extends during shootings. It’s very magical, the effort, the energy … We do something important, interesting, beautiful! It’s crazy. I feel extremely lucky in that sense. Be enriched by working with them, discover new kinds of cinema, knowing that I can count on them and  to know I’m appreciated.. I better stop, I just like it so much! 

How is a typical day working at Lust Productions?

Well, normally, I get in a little before lunch, I drink a cup of whatever coffee is left and go through my email. I see a couple of new tasks from Laura (some banners, a setting of a web). Then Hugo calls me, asking me if I have a moment, “it will be very quickly” he says. He shows me the application of one of my designs, something is not working properly, we fix it and then Noel says it’s lunch time and we start talking about really interesting things: women, feminism, culture, politics, homosexuality, trans, some media, currently privacy , friends, family, cats, sex of course … everything is mixed, sometimes we argue, others we laugha lot … Aleix prepares coffee and gradually we all go back to our jobs. I see Pablo and Erika arriving from lunch and we look through color tests or postcards that have arrived…Then I go back to my table, I look at my list, I ask Almudena if I can prepare the titles of recent short films to start with the signage, Aleix me calls for lettering for a miniclip that will be in the new page films, Sam asks me for photos for Facebook, Noel shows me a few frames of the last shortfilm in which I was an extra. Maria tells me Francisco called me, he has the design printed … and so on, is like a dance in constant movement. While I’m preparing the cover of Xconfessions Vol.4, I relax and listen to a disc that has me obsessed and if not the Blondie greatest hits playlist.

What are the challenges on a creative level in an industry like this?

To change the search parameters of the user, creating a new pornographic universe where anyone’s searches results are actually related to their desires not to some misleading cliché. “Educating” somehow the eyes of those who see us, to tell them they can do whatever they want and create a more respectful, more open and more sexy queer future.

Why do the future holds for you at Lust?

The future? I don’t know, maybe that is exactly the charm, the good flirtations, the ones that surprise you every time, right?


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