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Goodyn Green’s Shutter: a refreshing (and necessary) film about queer sexuality

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Shutter by Goodyn Green



Shutter is the first feature film directed by Danish feminist photographer Goodyn Green. It consists in five beautifully photographed scenes, all of them ultra loaded with an energy that is missing from the adult film world.

I consider it an ode to queer sexuality: it is realistic, beautiful, charged with emotions and incredibly empowering.


Watch the trailer:


Goodyn Green is a feminist and her way of thinking is printed all over her work. She filmed Shutter (2014) in Berlin, where she is currently living, and the result is this vibrant feeling of liberty, strength and experimentation so genuine from that city. It is like watching Berlin’s lesbian scene condensed in 44 minutes and it’s absolutely refreshing!

Her previous work, the short film Want Some Oranges, is also a creamy piece adding a lot to this genre. (Both movies will be available in the Erika Lust Store pretty soon, I’ll let you know!)

Shutter has been nominated for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards. In this film you’ll see Zoë Challenger, Jasko Fide, Thia Wednesday, GG, Sadie Lune, Cherryosity, Paulita Pappel, Max, Lou Salty, Kristina Marlen. 

Watch Shutter now in Lust Cinema!















An interview with Goodyn Green (about something else, I know, but still worth it):


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