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Have you ever been obsessed?

The Obsession by Jacky St. James

Oh Jacky..You never cease to amaze me! I have been looking forward to this particular release for quite some time now and I can’t wait for all of you to see Sweet Sinner’s “The Obsession” on LustCinema. Written and directed by my fellow porn revolutionary Jacky St. James, The Obsession is a psychosexual feature film that addresses our darker sides of desire. And let’s be honest – we all have them hidden somewhere deep inside of us.

Watch the trailer now


Many people act in compulsive ways or are a little crazy in love – but what if desire turns into obsession?

The Obsession” tells the story of couple Mandy and Alex, played by Chanel Preston and Michael Vegas,  who decide to invite Michelle, impersonated by Starlet Abella Danger, into their home as their new roommate. At first, the three of them get along great and it seems like they have found the perfect roommate in young Michelle who is always polite, tidy and sweet. But soon Michelle and Alex have to discover that Michelle has a very, very dark side to her. Mislead and confused by Mandy’s kindness, Michelle develops a dangerous obsession with her roommate which soon goes far beyond sexual desires.

Things really start to get heated up when Alex decides to invite Mandy’s sister and her boyfriend Jay to stay with them for a couple of days to ease Mandy’s mind who is starting to get a little worried about Michelle’s behaviour. What he doesn’t know is that his wife and her brother in-law share a dark and dirty secret.

In the meantime, Michelle’s obsession turns darker and darker. Trying everything she possibly can to get closer to Mandy, Michelle starts to want to be here. She wants to look like her, live like her and do the things she does  – including Mandy’s husband Alex.

Will Mandy put together all the puzzle pieces in time to stop her?


Watch it now on Lust Cinema

Jacky St. James – Mainstream with values

Reading into blog posts and press-releases about “The Obsession” one thing really stood out for me, which is how fondly all of the performers in the movie talk about working with Jacky. Since I have just recently put a lot of effort and thought into developing a precise BILL OF RIGHTS for all my performers with my talent manager and performer Kali Sudhra, I love reading about other directors in the industry who care about the wellbeing and safety of their performers on set and post-production. You can read all about my companies efforts and values in my previous blog post We Care!

Jacky St. James shares my firm believe in ethical, smart porn production which, next to her incredible skills and talent as a director, is part of why her and her movies are so successful.


Check out the rest of Jacky’s work on Lust Cinema!

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