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Having sex to raise money for Amnesty

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
We are the Fucking World dir. Olympe de G.

Olympe is back with the film I know you’ve all been dying to see! The PANSEXUAL ORGY! Yes, Olympe de G. gathered NINE performers together for a group scene that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

PLUS, this film raised €5000 for Amnesty International!

And ErikaLustFilms remains monthly donors to Amnesty to fight homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia etc.

See the receipt for our donation here

Watch it now!

Dear Erika,
I’ve always believed that positive, respectful, creative sex can make the world a bit better.
Some associations deliver crucial work to help us all live a better life, what ever we decide to do with our bodies. Amnesty in particular does powerful campaigns against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. The alternative porn scene we belong to is deeply connected to this fight for the equality of rights, what ever our gender or sexuality. So why not support Amnesty’s work by making a porn film that will fund their actions?
Let’s show how beautifully diverse sexuality is.
Let’s invite nine porn performers, men, women or non binary, cis or trans, straight or queer, to have sex all together and raise money for Amnesty.
Let’s make a porn that is good to watch, and does good.
Let’s come together, for the right to be ourselves and to love each other, whoever we are.
A dreamer, your guest director: Olympe de G

*This film raised money for Amnesty International. Every performer chose to donate half of their fee, and Erika Lust Films donated half of the production costs, combining for a total of 5000€.
Please visit amnesty.org to contribute, and support their fight against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, towards a better world of sexual diversity and acceptance.

Interviews with performers and more info here!

Lina, Bishop, Manon, Candy, Finn, Sadie, Peach, Jesse, Theo

Olympe submitted a confession asking me to make a film to raise money for charity. As you can see in the confession above, she sees the alternative porn scene as deeply connected to politics, to social justice and to pushing the world towards equality and acceptance. So OF COURSE I said yes! She spoke to the performers, and they decided that each of them would donate half of the money they made for performing in the film to Amnesty International – and I donated half of what the Production costs were, coming to a total of €5,000.

It was important for Olympe, and for me, that this film reflected how Olympe and the performers truly feel about sex, gender expression and the alternative porn scene. So in this film you will not only find an incredible orgy scene, with small groups going off into different areas to play together, joining in or watching, the entire group of them at one point having sex on a big mattress, or playing in the water; Olympe also included the interviews with the performers as to what they like, don’t like and are feeling before the orgy happens. It builds a titilating sense of sexy anticipation – you can’t wait to see who is going to do what to whom! But it’s also important to see that they are all comfortable with each other, and take care of each other. Unlike any gangbang you’d see on a mainstream platform, that’s for sure….

Please donate here to Amnesty!

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