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Hell F*ckin Yes!

Banana%20in%20condom%20 %20flirtmoji Heart%20hands%20 %20flirtmojiCondom%20green%20 %20flirtmoji

Sex Education. Condoms. Consent. None of these words are socially accepted as sexy – but they can be, and they should be!

And a new collection of videos titled “F*ck Yes” are exploring that very issue. They are here to “share informative and sexy models of pre-coital conversation”, and they are as much fun as they sound!


Conceived from the idea that we often don’t say what we need, feel or desire, F*CK YES has crafted a collection of hilarious and sexy videos that I really love. That awkward conversation when you’re hooking up with someone for the first time, and you don’t have a condom? F*ck Yes shows us that you can make this scenario sexy. “I’m going to go across the road to buy some and when I return, this is what I’m going to do to you…” is far sexier (and safer) than risking it without, or not having the courage to say that you want to use protection. I think it’s really important to start having these conversations more often, and to be able to make short videos that make these scenarios funny too? Fantastic stuff!

My favourite is the scene between a man and a woman in the car after their first date. The man is trying, unsuccessfully, to coerce his date into coming into his flat. And she calls him out on it! If he wants to have sex with her, why doesn’t he just ask, politely, if she’s interested? It’s charming and sweet, and a situation I’m sure many of us have been in before. Open conversation can lead to far sexier scenarios than the awkward, “will we, won’t we” dance. Here’s one below, and you can find the rest on their YouTube channel!

Spread the word! #consentissexy



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