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HellaPositivePinUp Brings Radical Inclusivity to XC

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new photographer on XConfessions!

Introducing Hella Positive Pin Up

I’m open to everyone, any size or age or shape or ethnicity or orientation or experience or ability, who wants to show off to the world what makes them feel sexy

Say hello to a new photographer joining my Artist Collaborators on XConfessions! Braden Nesin in based in America, and he’s made it his mission as a photographer to capture the beauty and sexuality in everyone and anyone who wants to work with him, in a radically inclusive way. And I am a huge fan! You can take a look at Braden Nesin’s social media, and the confessions that his photography has already illustrated (although there are plenty more to come!) on his artist collaborator page.

🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺

Hi Braden! I love Hella Positive Pinup. How did you first get this idea?

I was ranting at a friend about how boring most boudoir photography was. It all looked the same with variations on the same voluptuous white women, the poses and lighting were always the same, and if anyone dared do something different they had to call it something stupid like “Dudeoir” (which was either shirtless men looking upset or men mocking femininity rather than embracing it authentically.) I think I went on for about 30 minutes about how anyone can be sexy, and how there are so many different ideas for what sexy is. I wanted to show that off, as a short term personal project, something on the side as I did the sorts of gigs that were paying my bills. I figured I could give Patreon a try to fund it, maybe make a few bucks on the side. Two months later it was my full time job, accounting for about 80% of my income.

What does radical inclusivity mean to you?
It means I’m open to everyone, any size or age or shape or ethnicity or orientation or experience or ability, who wants to show off to the world what makes them feel sexy, whether that’s those exact same photos I was complaining about or something super kinky or super cute and vanilla or someone wearing an octopus onesie (that was one of my favorite shoots to be honest, we couldn’t stop laughing the whole time but the photos came out great.) The only caveats I have are you have to be over 18 to model, and no racists or bigots or abusers. Which maybe isn’t radically inclusive but I don’t want to celebrate anyone who hurts others or thinks of them as lesser.
Do you have a favorite shoot?
There’s a few that I love, but I think my favorite is one I did with a couple in a D/s relationship. We rented this gorgeous old house in Atlanta, and all the photos were bright and sunny and vibrant, trying to show that kink isn’t just dark dungeons and dramatic lighting, but can also be happy and fun and loving. We wanted to bring that sort of relationship out into the light, so to speak. It was something I personally had wanted to show for a long time, and I was so stoked when they approached me about it. I think from a technical perspective I’ve done better since, this was one of my earlier shoots, but it’s still one I love dearly.
Is your work therapeutic, for yourself or your models?
Every now and again I get to tell a story about something I care deeply about, and that’s definitely therapeutic, but mostly I’m telling other people’s stories. The people I work with, on the other hand, often tell me how much the shoot helped them, which is amazing. I rarely work with people who have a lot of modeling experience, and so for most of my clients this is the first time they’ve ever done something like this. Several of them have told me they’ve never actually thought about what they like, never thought about how to be sexy to themselves. I’ve had two clients realize their gender identity more fully after writing their blog post. Plenty have just wanted to do something scary and vulnerable to prove to themselves that they can. Especially in the puritanical United States, I think doing something like this and sharing it with the world can be very therapeutic. It’s a kind of coming out.
How did you hear about me and XC and why did you decide to join our artist collaborators?
I was lucky enough to spend the summer traveling around Europe, and I met and did a shoot with a super rad couple, Lucy and Miro, in Berlin. We became friends during the shoot and stayed in touch after I moved on. A couple of months later they shot a film with you! I don’t know if it’s weird to want to watch your friend’s porno but I really did, so I joined. And then when you followed me on Instagram I kinda freaked out a bit and decided to send you a message, because I knew I would be heading back to Barcelona at some point because I love it. I love how similar our concepts are even if the execution is very different. We’re both about people’s stories about themselves, about authenticity, about showing other ways to be sexy beyond the boring old standbys. When you asked if I wanted to contribute I was stoked!
Can you give me an image that to you visually describes an orgasm?
I want to cheat and share a photo I took of a woman giving herself an orgasm, but I think I’ll try to be a little more clever. I love her expression in this photo. Mouth open, eyes closed, head back. That says orgasm to me, far more than fluids flying through the air.
What does “ethical porn” mean to you?
Ethical porn is first and foremost porn that doesn’t hurt people. The production needs to be non exploitive or manipulative, and the subject matter needs to break the status quo of degrading women and only focusing on the power and pleasure of men. Even kinky porn specifically about degradation can be ethical, by showing negotiation and aftercare, making it clear to the audience that this is a fantasy and not a reinforcement of toxic cultural expectations. Performers should be treated with respect, as professionals. I’ve never understood why that expectation suddenly goes out the window just because your job happens to be having sex, on or off camera.


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