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Housemates Do It Better

Bad breakups hurt like hell. Heartbreak has the power to make us want to curl up under the duvet and never come out again. But – bad endings can also serve as the perfect catalyst for new happiness and adventures…. And nothing helps to mend a broken heart like some carnal pleasure, right? Can you relate? Yes you can. That’s the story of today’s Lust Cinema release: Housemates

After finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, Jess decides to leave her hometown behind for a new life in the mighty city of pints: London. There, she finds the perfect houseshare, and she gets along with the housemates very well – in fact, the friendliness between them goes beyond just being polite when bumping into each other in the hallway… 

“Some scones and sex?”

Turns our these housemates are happy to share a lot more than just tea cups and a washing machine. Turns out they are not only good at cooking but also at… OK, enough with all this innuendo! They all have lots of great sex with each other, OK? 

“I told you I was a caring housemate”

Housemates is another sex-positive film from our classy British friends at JoyBear productions, who are masters of making exciting sex-positive flicks with women in control. Featuring a great cast including Adreena Winters, Satine Spark,  Ryan Ryder, Chessie Kay,  our XConfessions hunk Luke Hotrod, and Anna Darling just to name few.

Watch Housemates now in Lust Cinema or download it in HD in my store!

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