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How to Spice Up Your Dick Pic

I stumbled across this fantastic article The Rise of Men Who Filter and Art Direct Their Dick Pics on Mel Magazine and I just had to share my thoughts on that most prolific of artistic endeavors!

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In this modern age, none of us are a stranger to the omnipotent Dick Pic.

For some of us, the penis portrait is more of an ongoing experience than an occasional sighting. Those using Grindr can probably vouch for seeing multitudes of dick pics, and for women moving through the world of online dating often includes wading through a sea of dick pics until the holy grail of a man who asks you first before sending evidence of his genitalia is found.

Juan Lucho being modest in my film “#SkypeSex”

There are a multitude of reasons why a person may feel inclined to send a dick pic, and no one answer. Is it a competitive sport? Do they need to feel validated by being rated? Or is it about power – in a society where having a dick affords you more privileges than having a vulva? Do they just want to show it to you, in a friendly “hey there, here’s my penis, he’s pleased to meet you too, can you tell” manner?

Do they stockpile the dick pics in their phone and randomly send them out, or are they always sent at the point of being taken? Is it always of their dick, or do they steal other dick pics and pretend it’s theirs? And why do they get so upset when you say you really don’t want to see it, or if you (god forbid) feel a little violated when you’re just trying to find a guy to share a plate of spaghetti with and he insists on showing you his cock instead?

An unsolicited dick pick when you don’t want it can feel as confrontational and uncomfortable as if a man on the street unzipped his trousers and showed it to you. In a world of rape culture where men are encouraged to see their cock as a weapon, or a tool for domination, can a dick pic ever be an innocent flirtation? Of course! But only when sent to an interested, consenting party. I for one receive endless, endless dick pics through social media. Sometimes it’s from people who want to be performers (who I never choose based on their genitalia, but rather their attitude towards ethical adult cinema, feminism and sex-positivity), but often there seems to be no valid explanation. Just a dick in the proverbial post.

Some people like dick pics – and some people don’t. What is a certain fact is that no matter your preference, you will have received at least one unsolicited cock selfie in your life. The phenomenon has now reached a point of such mainstream popularity however, that art shows, careers and apps are based on it! I hope these cheer up your Monday 😉

I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics

This woman created an art show of the unsolicited dick pics she received:


This lady runs Dicture, and turns penis into persona!

Things My Dick Does

This guy loves his dick so much he made a blog about it:

This Guy Turns Unsolicited Dick Pics Into Art

And this genius has an Egon Schiele flair to the drawings he crafts from unsolicited and requested dick pics on Grindr!

So what do you think? Are you pro the dick pic, or simply a dick pic pro?

Let me know in the comments below!

(No dick pics, please.)


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