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How To Have Sex in a Heatwave

I get it, I get it. There is literally nothing that will stand in the way of you getting down and dirty if the mood takes you. Being late for work, fear the parents will hear you – or even a heatwave so strong 5 minutes into sexytime you almost pass out from heatstroke. And pleasure.


I film all of my XConfessions in Barcelona, mainly in the summer when I can, so I have learnt a few things about how to keep safe and sexy in sweltering heat! And luckily for you, I’m going to share them with you 😉 plus, seeing all of these cooling images might have a slight placebo affect and cool me down in the middle of this Spanish heatwave. I didn’t know a human could sweat this much.

So here they are, the top films to watch to get some cooling down, sexy inspiration, and some tips to go with them! Check them all out on my Netflix-style streaming service, where I’ve collated the best in adult indie cinema from across the globe:

🔥 Erotic Films 🔥

Get down and Doggy with it 
Try and have sex in a position that has as little physical contact between you and your partner as possible. Regardless of gender, take em from behind and you will both be grateful to avoid the smacking of sweaty skin against each other.

Find a pool!

Okay, so obviously private pools are hard to come by – but even an inflatable paddling pool in your garden counts.

Take a shower together

Yes the shower may be tiny and you may end up headbutting each other or elbowing each other in the face. But it is so worth it for that cool, cool water. And once you get each other all lathered up, you’ll figure out how to make it work 😉

Grab the Ice Cubes from your fridge

Take inspo from Fraulein O and get some ice cubes on those nipples. Oh, so refreshing…!
Use Silicone Lube in water
If you do decide to try out sex in water, make sure the lube you want to use is Silicone. Plus, get waterproof condoms!

Everyone loves a 69

Oral sex is a great way to avoid a lot of skin to skin contact, and taking it very slow can lead to an intense orgasmic build! This position is great because you’re both getting pleasure at once, plus you don’t have to put huge amounts of physical effort in. Just oral 😉

Buy a fan!

Who would have thought that a fan could solve all of your over heating problems?

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