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Hunger – Who’s in Charge?

She knows that she has absolute power over me and she loves reminding me of it. If she tells him, I’ll most likely lose my job. Just once, I’d like to control her. I want to be in charge for once. I want to make her beg me for more only to walk straight into my stupid boss’ office after I fuck her and tell him that I’ve been screwing his wife. But I probably won’t. How could I? I don’t fully understand why I can’t just stop this, but I am writing this as I am sitting in my car, two streets away from their house. I am waiting for him to leave for his 3:30 O’clock appointment. I can’t help it..this fucked up situation really gets me off.

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Have you ever played with fire? The thrill of the forbidden can be an irresistible force as Lucy Huxley and Parker Marx discover in ‘Hunger – Who’s in Charge‘. Not only are they sleeping with the enemy, they are also tangled up in a deliciously toxic game of power and sexual obedience.

You probably remember Hunter S. Johnson as the lead actor in my movie ‘Men in Kilts‘. Now Hunter decided to move behind the camera for the first time for XConfessions as the director of Hunger. The movie is all about the thrill of putting yourself in a potentially harmful situation, the eroticism in tasting the fruit of the forbidden, even though that fruit might have a bitter taste. Watch Lucy and Parker get caught up in a dangerous affair they just can’t seem to stop.

“Does he wear this tie when he calls you into his office, telling you to work late? When he threatens your bonus?” – Lucy knows that she is in complete control.

“Do you like this? Fucking your boss’s wife?”

“I’d press myself against you so hard you’d feel the pulse deep in my cock, and with my other hand, slowly, I’d climb up between your legs, feeling your warmth.” – Jimmy dreams of dominating Melody

“But right before I cum, your husband walks in and watches as I cum all over the face of the woman he sleeps beside every night.”

*All photos in this post are by Marie Rouge

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