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Illustrating XConfessions: Kamyameha Kamiyu

*ย This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŒบ

Kamyameha is a graphic designer based in Paris. She specialises in web design, but her art is minimalist eroticism that draws upon pastel tones and sleek lines to capture the female form in all it’s glory. Kamyameha’s illustrations push the boundaries of how much you need to show to imply sex, the figure or a moment in time. The pink hue of most of her figures gives them an alien feel that still captures the sensuality of the form, and I absolutely love the reserved way that she uses line and colour. Even an image of two clutching hands is enough to get you hot under the collar! I sent her some interview questions to get to know this mysterious artist better, and she delivered some really surprising insights! Read on below and check out which XConfessions have been illustrated by her work so far here!




Tell me a bit about how and when you first started making art.
One day on Instagram, I discover a account of a new magazine, they were looking for artist for collaboration. I’ve contacted them, so I have 6 pages of what I want to do. I just start to draw arms and legs (I never really know how to draw), not quite lovely (awful i must say), but the color (the pink for the body and green for the nails) was here. Finally I never send 6 pages to the magazine, and let my awful draws in a file. After a few months, a friend needed something for a project. I use the legs, she loves it. Since I take some time to try to draw hand. And everyday I use to draw. I never changed the colors, but the style has evolved. It’s not perfect, I have a lot to learn and I love it. On my Instagram page you can see the evolution, on my style, my capacity. My draw grow up with me.ย 

If you would describe yourself in one image, what would that be?ย 
I attached mononoke. She’s savage, free and loves nature. I like to think I’m like her.



How did erotica become a subject for your work?
Simply and naturally. For me, erotica is mysterious, you don’t see, you imagine, that’s the magic. Yes, you can see the tits, but if you focus on it you will lose the message, what she’s trying to tell you. Don’t just look, close your eyes and imagine.
I always loved erotica, most people think I’m a lesbian because of it. I love to watch women move, walk, make up herself, be beautiful. It’s so fantastic being a woman, so strong and fragile at the same time. My drawing are an ode to being a woman.


What inspires you the most, artistically and sexually?
Everything. Movies, other artists, people I see everyday. Inspiration is everywhere.

Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?
This is aย John Wesley. Someone told me my art looks like him, and made me discover him. I love what he’s doing. So right now this visual is the representation of an orgasm. Maybe tomorrow it will be another one.


Kamyameha Kamiyuโ€™s work has illustrated two confessions so far, Let Me See Your Ponytail Swing and Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker!. Check them out, and more info about her and her work, on XConfessions!


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