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Illustrating XConfessions: The Malezine

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions


The second interview of this section is with Mister Y, the artist behind The Malezine – a project dedicated to the imagery of the male form. The Malezine caught my attention at the very first time I bumped into one of its images on Tumblr. It depicts the male body in a completely different way, as if it was saying “forget what you know, there’s a lot more to be seen here!”.


 It’s very hard to find imagery of male bodies and genitalia that are actually pretty and modern, and escapes from the truisms of the hard boner. Explaining his approach as “taking soft core porn and making hard core art”, Mr. Y does all his edits directly from his phone. Thanks for helping us break free from those pre-concepts, Mister Y! Here’s the interview:




➢ Tell us a bit about how and when you first started making art.


I really started drawing about 11 or 12. Before that I really can’t remember being too interested in drawing specifically, I’d just doodle, and create little sculptures in clay or plasticine. But it was certainly around then I picked up a pencil and drew. I remember being really pleased with it and kept doing it from then on.


If you would describe yourself in one image, what would that be?

Here’s an image that sums up my sort of vibe, and it’s a bit silly. Which is why I did this image in the first place.


IMG_8966 (1)

How did erotica become a subject to your work? 


I like erotica, I’ll take a look at Tumblr and the sort from time to time. But I had a realisation I was doing a lot more scrolling than looking. There’s only so many nude selfies
you can look at before it gets a little dull. That’s when I thought to edit a few. Some talk to me differently to others. Some I feel need to have an aged vintage feel, others a Pop
Art vibe and from time to time, an image could be a bit more fantasy. I make a point of doing them directly on the phone. As a great deal of the images come from phone selfies,
I thought to continue that when making my images. My approach is to take soft core porn and make hard core art.


What inspires you the most, artistically and sexually?


Artistically wise, this can be anything. The erotica is just one side of my artwork (as it could be conceived as a conflict of interest with my other work). But with The Malezine,
both artistically and sexually there’s definitely inspiration in the anonymous nature of it. When photographing, i prefer the reportage/documentary style. Not forced or fake but real.
That’s why i look at the self made images and videos. The people who made them, made them for a reason. And they’re out there for all to see. They’re posted and then reposted
and reposted again and again. Who knows really when they were made or what their real names are. And personally, i’m not going to go and find out. I just scroll through and an
image will catch my eye. That’s when inspiration hits. I’m currently laying out the plans for a printed Zine. I’ve always liked the raw nature of the zine culture and its copies.
It’s also part of why i named it The Malezine.


Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?
Not one that stands out, no. However I had thought it would be interesting to have a series of portraits of guys as they orgasm. Taken from chest up so unless you knew what
you were looking at it wouldn’t be too obvious. I may open it up as a submission to see who would be interested.
The Malezine artwork is already in XConfessions! You can check it in Dad’s Best Friend, Fantastic Foreplay, Honeymoon for four, High Speed Pas-de-deux, The Second Night and Cooking My Senses. Check it now!

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