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Illustrating XConfessions: Melodie Perrault

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions
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We have a new artist collaborator on XConfessions! Melodie Perrault is the bad-ass woman of my dreams. A motorbike riding, woman-loving tattoo artist based in Montreal, she illustrates women just like herself in all of their beautiful and complex forms. Her work has a punk aesthetic that is bold and in-your-face, and is the perfect accompaniment to some of our more weird and wonderful confessions by anonymous users. Bad language and bad behaviour have long since left the realm of just men, and Melodie’s work both on skin and paper is a much needed punch in the gut for chauvinists who say women can’t also be simultaneously powerful and vulgar.


Read my interview with Melodie below, and look out for her illustrations on XConfessions. Feels good to get some rock’n’roll in here!

 You’re the first tattoo artist supporting XConfessions with illustrations. How does it feel to leave your art permanently on other people’s skin? It’s a lot of pressure but its a lot of fun, I really like to do unique pieces with a lot of details. I always try to make it the way I would want it on my skin.

Which state of mind do you prefer to get creative – high, sober or sexually aroused? I don’t really have a specific state of mind to get creative, I usually write what ever ideas I have in my phone and draw then when I’m ready. Sometimes its after sex, sometimes its because I’m horny, sometimes I’m really happy but I draw sad things.


What’s your definition of female empowerment? 

Equality. I’m not one to think that women are better then men. I would like people to realize that sex is not such a big deal, and we all come from a vagina.

 If you could describe yourself in one image, what would that be? (please answer with an actual image!) I have a self portrait of me drawing a vagina, dreaming about my motorcycle wearing a pizza slut shirt!


Is there a story behind the first tattoo you ever did? Can you remember it? I did my first tattoo on a friend who didn’t want to wait for me to be ready, haha! I just got my machine in the mail, and he wanted me do it right now, I had to look on youtube to know how to actually get the machine up an running. I did a small red heart on his leg, and the same day I did my first tattoo on myself.

Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us? Sex and orgasms are so different from one person to another, its hard for me to represent something I experience myself differently, with different people or in a different mood.

I do have a post-sex illustration though!





These are the films that Melodie’s drawings have illustrated so far:

A Room With A View

Darkly Dreaming Dearblah

Don’t forget to check out XConfessions, where you can confess your darkest, wildest and weirdest fantasies, and it could  be picked by me to be made into a real short film…

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