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In Lust Cinema: Stories about Polyamory and Sex

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Stories about Polyamory and Sex by Cornucopiax

Brand new stuff this week in Lust Cinema! The webseries Stories about Polyamory and Sex by Barcelona-based new production studio Cornucopiax. Watch the trailer:



Cornucopiax is the production company founded by Selina and Alex AK (remember them in Let’s Make a Porno?). They started this super cool webseries called “Stories about Polyamory and Sex“, featuring stories that are based on their own experiences with opening up their relationship. Each chapter is released separately in their web, but we worked on a special version for the Lust Cinema members, with 2 chapter per volumen. Today we’re releasing Chapter 1 and 2, on which Selina tells Alex about her interest in dating other people and finally tries having sex with someone else for the first time.




This was such a good idea, to open their lives and invite us all to live it with them. And of course so brave of them! They touch all of the most sensitive feelings about being in an open relationship: the fear, the jealously, the insecurities, and also the fun and the arousal of being with someone else while knowing that your partner is completely ok with it! The chapters have this unpretentious, relaxed vibe and Selina and Alex are really engaging. The perfect recipe for having a good time in front of your screen 😉




Selina and Alex are the ones writing the plots, directing, editing and producing the series – oh and they are also the performers! I have a huge respect for people who are multitask and manage to take charge of everything that it takes to make their dreams real – reason why I’m more than proud to have them in our catalogues in Lust Cinema and in Lust Store.

In this first volumen they also perform with Sylvan. The next chapters, 3 and 4, will be release in Lust Cinema in a few weeks but if you can’t wait to see what happens, no panic! You can get them separately in the Lust Store 🙂

Check it in Lust Cinema!




About Let’s Make a Porno

Back when XConfessions was only starting, Selina and Alex sent a confession about Selina’s desire of making a porno. But not any porno, a porno with me. Selina didn’t really like the mainstream porn. However, she liked the films I had done and she mentioned she would feel comfortable shooting a film with me. So, we did it! They happened to live in Barcelona, so I got in touch with them and made the porno they wanted. The result was amazing, it was fascinating to see a real life couple performing. They knew each others bodies really well and the film turned out wonderfully natural!

Watch it here 😉

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