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Incredible Artists Have Illustrated Their Sexual Fantasies on XConfessions

Welcome the wonderful artists of XConfessions!

You may or may not already know, but I run this little sexy site called XConfessions! And although you may mainly know it for the films I release through it twice a month, what you may not know is that there is a whole section dedicated to anonymous confessions! This is the only place that I get my ideas for my stories – I look through all of the confessions on there and pick the ones I like most, or are most inspiring, to make into films.

I receive hundreds of confessions every month. Once a confession is submitted, it goes through my moderators, and then they match it with an illustration from our archive of artists!

🔥 Check out all of my artists here 🔥

But I wanted to do something a little special. After working with Apollonia Saint Clair on the introduction for her book Ink is My Blood I realised that all of my artists are not only creative with images, they are wonderful, sex-positive, erotic writers too! So I asked them to submit their own sexual confessions and fantasies, and to custom illustrate them too. Enjoy your erotic reading Lusties! These are some really incredibly personal and wonderful stories.

Big Shout Out to the wonderful woman Apollonia Saint Clair, whose new book I wrote the introduction for! Grab a copy now, it’s INCREDIBLE. #inkismyblood @apolloniasaintclair_

Hello My Darling V 

by Venus Libido

I can hear you now but I couldn’t before
Your sound is soft and enters with ease

I am addicted, I plead for your return
I reach for you with forgiving arms

I can see you now but I couldn’t before
Your body moves in loops and whirls

You leave behind a footprint and I hope it stains
I want to tend to it and honour its past.

I can smell you now but I couldn’t before
You’re at the back of my throat starting to nest

You’re vast and infinite but I see a familiar face
I can taste your frame and its bulky and overflowing

You are my saviour and my place of release
I will tend to your call

My darling V I shall not neglect you not now not ever.

Venus’ work also currently illustrates the confession The Girl from Panama



by Tina Maria Elena Bak

“You are forgiven!” he whispers in my ear and I feel the warm sunlight in my hair. I am lit for you, dying for you to take me… For your wet, silky tongue in my rose… soft and sweet, drenched and swollen… Blurred pictures of the way you make me thirsty for more… You pierce me with your deep, green eyes and forcefully make my hungry lips taste your pulsating power… “You are forgiven…” he whispers again.

You can see much more of Tina’s work and other confessions here!


Invitada en La Playa

by Cacao

On a beach. I asked my boyfriend to pour sun cream on me. As I shifted my position, I noticed a perfectly comfortable girl nearby, legs bent and parted.
With my chin resting on my crossed hands, I was looking at the girl while continuing to enjoy his hands on me. I felt more cream but now on my ass, his hand coming down to my legs. I brushed my thumb across my thigh and worked my way and down up to my vagina… every time I went up again, I put my finger closer to the bikini, pushing it away and leaving my pussy free for a finger to play with.
The girl became interested then and I opened my legs slightly for my boyfriend. By this time, I was already wet and he was getting more and more excited but not even aware of the girl watching us. He started rubbing his penis on me and the girl was rubbing her finger on her bikini panties. I invited her to come over. I wanted to suck her pussy. The three of us played together until we exploded with pleasure.

Click here now to see the rest of the confessions that Cacao has illustrated!

Or see her Instagram here



by Nikki Peck

By my sister, Holly Peck:

On a temperate day in August my sister told me she had never orgasmed. She was seventeen,

and had been intimate with previous partners. Something, she confided, was blocking her ability

to revel in her own sexual liberation – to feel herself and the budding woman curves of her

sensuality. She felt ashamed and embarrassed.

I was shocked — initially — then angry. “What?” I yelled, taking hold of right arm and looking

deeply into her eyes. “But I thought that time in Italy?” “Nope,” she replied, defeatedly.

That afternoon we rode the bus to The Art Of Loving, a quaint but well-known sex shop in

Vancouver’s west side. Trepidatiously, she browsed aisles flanked with plastic cocks, curiously

examining oddly shaped butt plugs before slotting them back into their plastic display supports. I

talked to the store owner casually, half-perusing a magazine about pleasing the tip of your lover

with your tongue. After a nervous twenty minutes, my sister settled on her prize: a purple, 4”

vibrating dildo. A few weeks later — from a more seasoned, masturbatory vantage point — she

would realize she had accidentally bought a butt plug.

We rode the bus home. Nikki looked out the window, painfully self-aware. She explained the

experience was exhausting. When we got home, she went upstairs to take a bath.

An hour later, she came downstairs in a housecoat. Her face was red — her eyes a graveyard

of tears. She hugged me and cried.

Her voice broke. “I came,” she said. I hugged her back harder.

You can see all of the other confessions that Nikki’s work has illustrated here!

All of Nikki’s incredible work is here on her Website.



by Eve Jones

This is the season of sex. Sensuality is in blossom and I want to devour the fruit, eat it whole. Tonight I imagine Spring wearing this dress and getting into my bed, with you beside her, waiting. She’s lovely. Tanned and beautiful, full and flush where I am slim. A women of earth and clay and sun on heated stones. You look at her as though she is a ripe fruit, begging to be eaten. Ravishing to look at, breasts heavy and full, and when you rake your hand up her thigh her mouth parts with a wild sigh. Her dark hair spreads a halo on the pillows as you press her back. For a while I only watch, and I cannot help but imagine my body over the map of hers. Watching your hands caress and coax her, I can feel how they would feel on me. Your every gesture is one of order and disorder, want. I do not watch for long because when you look at me it is with a command. Come here. And we fall into each other’s hunger and devour Spring together. I leave kisses and bites around her chest like barbaric flower jewelry. She moves, her face pressed against my breasts. I am gentle and you are hard, your hands and mouth like stones where mine are wind and water. Spring laughs between us, a sound like showers, running water. I hold her open as she moans in pleasure and desire in the restraints of my arms and mouth. She is made for sensuality and I slide my fingers over her past her lips, into the wet heat of her mouth. Slick. Her tongue slick and burred, strong against my fingers as she sucks and pulls. I draw them away slopping, drool on her chin, on my hands that slide, wet, down her chest, the soft of her stomach, the swell of her sex, hot, wet as her mouth. I splay my fingers, reach farther, her moans singing out with the new sensations as I close my fingers gently, feeling the place where your cock vanishes inside her. My touch is gentle, so I’m not sure if you can feel me, except that you are looking right at me, past the season half paralyzed with pleasure between us and I know you can.

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and check out her website here

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