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Interview with Olympe de G.

– all images by Adlan Mansri –


“Amateur pornographer. Author, director & performer, for my own pleasure and convictions. I donate every € I get to associations for sex workers rights. Activist for sex positivity and feminist at heart. Naked and never afraid!” 


These are the lines that Olympe de G. chose to describe herself in her tumblr, where she posts pretty pictures of her naked and other insanely delightful things. She’s the writer, director and performer of XConfessions’ latest film The Bitchhiker (gosh I am so happy I started this whole Guest Directors thing!), a story about a rider girl who finds a hitchhiker that’s man enough to do all kinds of unmanly things.

In this interview she speaks about her life, her childhood, her dreams and her porn making plans. Worth every word:


➣ What’s this story about?

This story is about a personal fantasy. I’ve always had something with motorbikes. When I was very young, I hooked up with guys, just because they had a bike. I remember leaving a party quite late, when I was 21, with a man, in winter. Just because he had a 125 cc. He said, let’s go to the ocean. We did, indeed! We were on the highway, it was raining, we couldn’t go faster than 110km/h on a 125cc.. we stopped in gas stations to dry ourselves under the hand dryers. And at one point, we fell. The motor bike slipped in oil. I got up a few meters away from the bike, it was still raining, it was cold, it was night, and I tried to hug the guy. He didn’t hug me back.

After that, I decided to stop seeing assholes and get my motorcycle license. Best decision I’ve ever made. Along with making porn!!! I never hooked up with a biker again… Because I realized that motorbikes became a problem for guys. My boyfriends always had a problem with my rides. Never in theory of course! In theory it was always ok that a girl rides something powerful that they could not drive themselves. But they would never want to be my passengers, always for other reasons, like: your bike stinks, it’s not healthy all this gas in my face, or: it’s not comfortable enough, and I feel like a frog…

So this story is about making a desire I’ve been having for more than 10 years happen. Have a man be man enough to be my passenger, on a huge, powerful motorbike. Man enough to still want me. Man enough to not need to have heteronormative sex.


What’s cool about shooting for XConfessions?

Erika Lust is the first feminist pornographer I’ve heard of, Lust Cinema is the first porn website I decided to pay for, because the XConfessions films were beautiful, funny, smart… So of course directing for XConfessions was a dream come true for a director who is new to pornography, like me. I don’t think I could have done this film with anyone else. Because Erika Lust’s team understands that a beautiful film, explicit or not, needs some means to come to life. It is, in my opinion, rare in the porn industry, to work with a line producer coming from a cinema background, for example, and that affinity of XConfessions with beautiful cinema guarantees some excellently produced content.


I found super cool that the XConfessions team trusted me from the beginning to the end even if the guest directors program was still experimental at that stage.


Also, what I found super cool in the process of directing for XConfessions is that the team left me Carte Blanche, trusted me from the beginning to the end even if the guest directors program was still experimental at that stage. That made this shooting a dream opportunity to express myself.


  Favourite part of the shoot?

When we shot the « trippy shots », these psychedelic flashes you see appearing while I’m about to come.

Kevin Klein, the DOP, Parker Marx and I were just going around this abandoned station, playing with dichroic film, mirrors, a plastic cristal and a macro lens to try to get abstract shots expressing the raise of sexual pleasure, the « high » of the orgasm. Experimenting, just the three of us, after the adrenaline rush of the sex scene, was a beautiful moment of improvised creativity. 





There’s not much that can scare you after jumping alone from a plane at 13000 feet. Hopefully.


➣ What has been calling your attention the most, lately, in the adult cinema industry? And why?

I follow very closely Lucie Blush’s work. I really admire the way she works, trying to capture genuine moments of sexual chemistry between people. She doesn’t fake anything. She takes her performers’ sensibility and sometimes « weaknesses » (for example a lack of erection during a shoot) as a chance to create some different, authentic, touching films. I think that’s very important, not only artistically, but also to educate women and men who watch porn and tell them: look, every kind of sexual connexion is enjoyable, free yourselves from the performance anxiety that makes so much sex so bad! Lucie Blush does everything by herself, from preparing the shoot, to filming, to editing… and I have a deep respect for that. I think her work is a beautiful documentation of what can happen between people who are really into each other. She’s one of the only directors I would keep on performing for.


What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite?

I draw sometimes, I take a lot of pictures (on film) all the time, I write a bit (I want to write erotic poems, there’s only one I’m happy about at the moment, but keeping on practicing makes me happy!). I also horse ride passionately, I even have a young horse in France. And I just started skydiving, which is the most challenging sport I’ve ever tried. There’s not much that can scare you after jumping alone from a plane at 13000 feet. Hopefully.


➣ Whats you’re favorite film and why? Have they influenced you in some way?

I’m very influenced by Gaspar Noé’s cinema when it comes to writing and directing porn. Love of course, but I admire even more Enter the Void, and the work in this movie on POV and subjective sound recording. I must say I also think a lot about the Blairwitch project these days. These guys produced such a powerful film with so little means! They revolutionized horror films by showing less and immersing people more deeply into the story. I love the documentary-fiction way to film and that also inspires me for my next explicit film projects.




➣ What was your first crush like? How old were you?

I’ve always been « in love » with someone, as long as I remember. It has always seemed to make me feel more alive, and made my life more intense! So my first crush was when I was 3, he was 5, was called Sébastien, and had dark hair cut in a bob. 1986!


➣ What do you like most about working in the adult industry?

Performing in porn has really given me an extraordinary confidence in my body, in my sexuality. I feel so good in my own skin, and so strong… I wish that to all the women in the world!

Directing porn feels to me like I found my own way to be creative. I tried before to write short stories, I was working on a short film scenario… But I always lacked conviction and passion. When it comes to writing about sex, for sex, ideas just come easily to me, it flows, I know what I want, I have my personal vision and feel confident about it. Working and reworking on an explicit project is only pleasure. After directing tv ads and music videos I can say explicit content (movies but also poems) is really what makes me passionate. And there’s nothing better than doing what makes you passionate. Does that answer your question? 🙂


I’d love to create my own non profit porn production company. And all the profits would go to charities who work on the ground to help sex workers and teach sex education where it’s the most needed.


➣ What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to create my own non profit porn production company. I would shoot some explicit short movies, hopefully even some series, broadcast them on a website with paid access… And all the profits would go to charities who work on the ground to help sex workers and teach sex education where it’s the most needed. Good porn for good, respectful sex in the world 🙂


adlan mansri


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