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Illustrating XConfessions: Short Visual Interview with Rá Foto

As some of you know my erotic films project XConfessions has been gowing, and I’m especially excited about the new section of Collaborators. As the XConfessions platform is a project made by many hands (really, MANY, including yours), we thought it would be cool to have a space where you could get to know the artists a little better.


Starting today, I’ll be publishing short visual interviews with all the amazing artists, filmmakers, photographers and illustrators who have been illustrating the anonymous stories you submit to XConfessions. They come from all around the world, and they have all sorts of different styles, but they keep this one thing in common: a passion for erotica, and their aim to interpretate sex in their own way.


And to launch this new section of interviews, I chose one of the most recent collaborators: Rá Foto – which is the name of the project from the Costa Rica based photographer André Rangel. His work spans fields of audiovisual, chemical photography, digital media, collage and performance, and it’s so vibrant and powerful that I couldn’t help but ask him to bring his imagery to XConfessions – to which he gladly said yes!
Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Mandamientos' - No comerás bananas
How not to love?

Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Mandamientos' - No mostrarás tus melones

⌲ Tell us a bit about how and when you first started making art.


I used to draw a lot when I was little, but when I was only 4 years old I remember my family’s surprised expression when they noticed I was drawing naked women out of nowhere. I think this was the first time I made art, because of the fact that my drawings were able to make them feel kind of uncomfortable and collectively blush. By the way, my mom tells me I said these women I drew, were my grandmothers while young…
⌲ How did erotica become a subject to your work? 


I started working with nude fashion photography during one of the courses I took while I was studying. The models and I felt so comfortable doing it, and it all happened so naturally that I decided I had found a field I was actually interested in. At that point I was completely lost when it came to deciding what my style was and what topics I wanted to focus on were.


⌲  What inspires you the most, artistically and sexually?


The forbidden inspires me.


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Mandamientos' - No tendrás pelo en el mango


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Mandamientos' - No tocarás tu melocotón


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Equis Equis Equis' - 11


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Equis Equis Equis' - 12


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Equis Equis Equis' - 15


Andrés Rangel - Serie 'Equis Equis Equis' - 03



⌲  Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?


I find Leif Podhajsky’s artwork the perfect visual representation of what an orgasm is.
(I see what you’re saying, Andrés)
⌲  If you would describe yourself in one image, what would that be?


(Just a green cat burning in a pink flame over a checkerboard. Ok.) Image by Leon Karssen

Brilliant. Thanks, Andrés!

(So far, Andrés images have been used in the confessions Collections, I’ll Be the Toy of Strangers  and A quién no le gustan las cubanas?)

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