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Intruders by Travis Mathews

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Intruders by Travis Mathews

They say there’s no sex without politics, and no politics without sex… So why not consciously combine them? For the second gay film on XConfessions, let me introduce to you the funny, sweet, kind but most of all, hella smart Director, Travis Mathews all the way from Brazil! At the intersection between class, privilege and desire, Mathews Guest Directs in this tender yet strong film exploring sexuality and power. A young man is frustrated at the wealth disparity that is all over the news, and breaks into the home of a rich, exec-type to hold him at gunpoint while he robs him. What happens next is delicately intimate and breathtakingly erotic in equal measure.

Watch the trailer below! 

You know they say, what you find most abhorrent in life, is what you find sexiest in the bedroom? I live in a country where the corruption of the elite runs deep. Criminals in suits steal our wealth, the bourgeoise are fucking us up the ass economically and you know what I want, as a poor man trapped in this elitist system? I want to fuck them. I want to fuck them up the ass. I want to break into a suit’s house and catch him off guard. An uptight, lonely suit, whose moral compass is totally broken, who is so wealthy I can take everything he owns and he won’t even raise an eyebrow. And then I want to fuck. Not necessarily in a rough way. My darkest confession, the worst one I can ever admit and am admitting to you now, is that men in suits: they’re the only thing that gets me hard.


By an Anonymous user at XConfessions.com

Exclusive interviews here with Bruno, Ronaldo and Director Travis.



Watch Intruders on XConfessions now!

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* All photos in this post are by Francisco Hurtz

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