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Jacky St. James will teach you to rekindle your best flame

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Rekindling the Flame by New Sensations

Jacky St. James is back to Lust Cinema! This time with a hot, 4-scenes feature film that will give you a ton of ideas of how to keep your sexual life as good as it can be. Watch the trailer:



If you are a woman, are in a estable relationship, and still are not familiar with Jacky St. James’ work, please allow me to say that you’re wasting a valuable time! Jacky is one of the brightest minds in today’s adult film production, always bringing some interesting narratives and creative stories into her (many) bedrooms.

Today in Lust Cinema we’re releasing Rekindling the Flame, a film from the “Tales of the Heart” collection. The movie tells four stories, of four different couples, doing fun things in order to spice up their relationship and not fall into the boring routine of marriage sex.

Cherie and Ryan, whose careers cause them to spend less time together than apart, seek exciting ways to keep their sexual attraction hot between visits. Callie decides to explore some more taboo adventures in the bedroom. Roleplaying becomes the perfect recipe for seduction after Siri and Richie meet up at a bar for a pretend, ‘first time encounter.’ August, a seemingly sweet and innocent young bride, surprises her husband, Danny with a steamy afternoon filled with handcuffs, blindfolds, and a leather whip. 




Photography is stunning (as always), and what a nice cast she’d put together! I’m all about hailing stories that actually tell you something that you don’t know – and even more when they bring so much hot sex taken by the hand (or the neck, or the tongue…).

Jacky is always very much on top of what’s important in bed, so you can expect lots of honest and open conversations between the couples – plus some very well done foreplays and tons of cunnilingus! Of course, all done by characters who respect each other and by female characters who are active, strong and with lots of initiative.

Don’t waste another minute. Watch it now in Lust Cinema!

Or download it in HD in my store.





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