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Lesbian soft-core at it’s best in Tenderloin Tramp

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Tenderloin Tramp by Cruel Romance
This is porn unlike anything you’ll see in the mainstream! A long, complex and thrilling storyline, plus BDSM and soft-core sex, Malcolm Sherwood and Mike Kuchar direct this instant art-house classic from Cruel Romance Productions!
“Wendy Gordon catches her brother Jeff with Amanda, a professional dominatrix. After Jeff receives counseling from their minister, Wendy decides to save Amanda from her life of depravity…”
Watch the trailer for Tenderloin Tramp on Lust Cinema now!
Are you ready for one of the best lesbian soft-core BDSM films that you’ll ever see?! I was completely blown away watching this film – the sex is so brilliantly directed, and the story so compelling that you can’t help but be completely engrossed, and aroused, for the full 39 minutes! Rather than focussing on the mainstream porn-style close-ups of genitalia, in odd unrealistic positions, we witness sex how it really happens. And it’s breath taking!
When Wendy decides to visit the woman who has been leading her brother into a “depraved” lifestyle of BDSM, she can’t help but be seduced by the beautiful woman, with her beautiful leather toys. Wendy starts to lead a double life, going deeper and deeper into the world of pleasure and pain, and threatening her perfect suburban, religious life at the same time.
The ultimate story of the good girl gone bad, this is a must-see from Cruel Romance Productions!

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