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Let’s talk about sex, babies

Seen these sex-ed videos with Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant yet? Such a great initiative! Funny and informative, I can see how teenage girls would prefer this to a one-day super-serious sex-ed class, or to what a lot of schools shockingly offer: no sex-ed at all! 

These funny videos address everything from changes in girl’s bodies during pregnancy to contraception. Sex-ed needn’t be scary – and these videos help de-stigmatize a hugely important subject. Because sex-ed is no joke. Sex-ed saves lives and protects children. 

The victorian fear for sex-education still persistent in some countries come from misunderstanding the meaning of the word “sex-ed” and I think, a general shame about sex and sexuality. Is it not 2015 already?

People who actively choose to misunderstand it seem to think sex-ed is about teaching children to have sex, to show porn in schools and encourage them to sleep around. Goodness gracious – how could people get it so wrong? Sex-ed is of course about learning about safe sex, the body about diseases, and consent! Countries who teach sex-ed from a young age have lower rate of STD’s, teenage pregnancies and underage sex. 

In my native Sweden, sex education has long been a priority for schools. The sex-ed there often extends to talks about self-esteem, pornography, alcohol and drugs and often students are allowed to tailor the lessons according to their concerns. Encouraging children to sleep around? Not so much! Enlightening the students with real information and giving them a space to voice their problems? Absolutely! 

Who could forget Snopp and Snippan (children’s words for penis and vagina), the Swedish sex-ed video aimed at 3 to 6 year olds from last that went viral? A super-cure celebration of penises and vaginas!

Education empowers, and our children deserve to know and to talk about sex in order to make informed choices.

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