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A virtual library for sounds of real orgasms

My dear love-making machines, today I’m only here to ask you a simple question:


Do you actually know what a real orgasm sounds like?


I know this may seem too simple for some of you who twice a month access a brand new erotic film in your browsers (especially those who have seen our latest release Female Ejaculation. If you did, then you know what I’m talking about), but even so, you’ll like this anyways.

It has been proven that the majority of people’s biggest reference to orgasm moaning are porn films. And red-tube style of porn films! You know, those in which the girls cum for about 3 minutes, always at the same time as their partners, and always incredibly loudly.

That is why the Orgasms Library of Real Sounds called my attention. This library is a platform of real orgasms recorded by women from everywhere! They go, do their thing privately and comfortably, record their orgasms and then upload the audios to this website. The orgasms are available to everyone, so you can navigate through the “library” and listen to a huge variety of real orgasms collected voluntarily. And they are as diverse and natural as real orgasms are!

Plus they had this great idea of creating graphic animations of each orgasm, so we can have a visual representation of this diversity. A pretty nice way to deconstruct any wrong ideas we might have about this 😉

Orgasms Library of Real Sounds is a project by Bijoux Indiscrets. They make some nice erotic accessories and you can see some of their products here.

Here are some of the images they create from real orgasms:





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