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Why I love “I Love Dick”!

How much do I love Jill Soloway? The director of the incredible Transparent is back with a fiercely feminist, powerful, diverse series based on a hit novel.

After the end of HBO’s Girls and countless other empowering, feminist TV series like Jessica Jones, you may be looking for something else to get your teeth into! And I Love Dick is your next must see. However, this series by Soloway goes so much further and breaks so many more boundaries than anything you’ve seen before.

I Love Dick is an 8 episode series that follows the character Chris Kraus (who is also the author of the original novel) to a small, artistic Texas town for her much older husband’s residency. There she receives some unfortunate and discouraging news regarding her career as a female film maker, whilst simultaneously facing bare faced misogyny and belittling about her craft from the shows title character, Dick. *spoiler alert!!* Chris becomes obsessed with him, writing a series of “love letters” which are both intrusive and explicit and are later read by Dick and the rest of the town.

Dick, played by the delicious Kevin Bacon, is a tortured and mysterious artist, sculptor and cowboy whose dismissiveness and arrogance lead to him being summed up as “everything anyone has ever wanted from a late-20th-century alpha-male artist and scholar.” (Read: self-righteous asshole). This makes his character the perfect representation of men, desire and the constant struggles creative women face emotionally and professionally. It’s interesting to point out that 3 of the 4 directors of this series are female! 

He seduces Chris, played by Kathryn Hahn, by attacking her insecurities from the word go, showing the vulnerability of women who have to incessantly prove themselves. But (without giving away too many spoilers) Chris’s letters, which later become a work of art, transform Dick into a muse. Without knowing anything about him, she projects her desires onto him, publicly! Dick’s ultimate reaction to this “I feel humiliated.” Breaking boundaries and flipping the world (which we don’t need reminding, still isn’t that progressive) on its head, we see men of all classes and backgrounds submitting to the female gaze, allowing themselves to be judged on their beauty, first and foremost.

Set in a town full of artistic and pioneering women, I Love Dick creates a comforting and safe space for these events and changes to take place, as BuzzFeed so rightly stated in this article! The best thing about it is that it isn’t your typical “go girl” feminism. It shows absolute weakness as well as strength, it’s diverse AF and calls out privilege left right and center! Seriously, no spoilers, but if you do anything this week, at least watch Episode 5 “A Short History of Weird Girls”, a perfect open letter to men and the patriarchy, which looks at the roots of women’s desires and that the fact that, actually, our history isn’t all about you. It’s about us! How inspiring!

This show is daring, honest and completely uncensored. The sex scenes are realistic, intense and even completely cringe worthy at times, but our focus is always on women! The last episode of the series is incredibly brave and satisfying. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to binge watch this show ASAP 😉

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