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WE LOVE LUSTCINEMA: Natural Beauty by SexArt Release

Natural Beauty by SexArt

It’s the weekend, Lusties! And my favorite out of all the weekend shenanigans is that it is LustCinema release time!!

Since we have been celebrating the 5 year anniversary of XConfessions this week, I had a lot to be thankful for these past days 🙂 One of these things is, that we have a very family-like vibe here in the Lust Headquarters which I appreciate a lot! Yesterday over lunch in our office kitchen, my lovely team brought to my attention that a lot of you are asking what the real difference is between LustCinema and XConfessions and how you can know which website is the right fit for you. Well let me explain this to you a bit by starting from the very beginning.

Since I started working as a director and producer, I have considered two things my top priorities:

  • To create a new kind of adult cinema, with cinematographic value, artistic input and educational aspects to change the way sex is being portrayed in porn. To push for feminism, diversity and Sex Workers’ Rights.
  • To build a constantly growing community of likeminded people that want to change the monopoly of the mainstream industry to become competitors on the market that don’t settle for anything below our standards.


While XConfessions is my own personal crowd-sourced project where I produce indie adult cinema with my carefully chosen guest directors who turn your very own fantasies into real movies, LustCinema is more of a meeting point for likeminded people who are seeking a platform for their art outside of the mainstream. Think of it as the community center of the ethical, indie adult cinema industry ;). I wanted to create a home for directors, producers, performers and customers who pledge to change the stigmas and stereotypes around pornography and who want to produce ethically. We want to make people see that it can be different. That adult cinema has artistic value and is an important part of shaping our society’s views on sexuality, pleasure, consent and lust.

I absolutely LOVE what LustCinema has grown into over the past 8 years and I am incredibly thankful for the many amazing artists I got to collaborate with to make this project happen. Producers and directors like Jacky St. James, JoyBear, Ovidie and many more are paving the way for a porn revolution and I am greatful I can be a part of it.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy our new LustCinema Release as much as I did 🙂

This week’s treat: Sensual and intimate production Natural Beauty by SexArt!

Watch the trailer now


Natural Beauty is a very romantic and classical adult movie featuring five passionate sex scenes between different, heterosexual couples. This SexArt production is taking dramatic music and serious filmmaking to a new level in porn. All the stories are connected by the sensual sex scenes, beautiful settings and a lot of romance.

From a director’s point of view, I especially loved the choice of putting a lot of close-up takes in the movie. I think it creates a very intimate and authentic atmosphere and lets you see and feel the affection between the performers of the brilliant cast in this movie. Couples and romance lovers especially will relate to Natural Beauty but really anyone who’s ever had or wished for a very intimate and loving sexual encounter with another person will love it!

Watch it now on Lust Cinema


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