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Love in Polyamory on XConfessions!

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Valentin, Pierre & Catalina – by Bruce LaBruce

‘As you know, you both have asked me to be your girlfriend. And I told you that I can’t decide because I love you both so much. So, I came up with a plan…’

Polyamory –  A World of Infinite Love

Even though the term ‘Polyamory‘ has become widely known over the past years due to increased media attention to alternative relationship models, there is still very little representation of polyamorous relationships  in cinema, mainstream media and adult entertainment which often leads to wrong perceptions, stereotyping and stigmatisation of polyamorous lifestyle.

Polyamory is not to be set equal with the occasional threesome of a monogamous couple, swinging or cheating. Understanding polyamory means accepting that a person can be truly and madly in love with several people at the same time. It’s the same commitment, the same promise of loyalty. It is not, like many people often presume, about avoiding commitment or not being able to chose between several lovers. It is the consensual absence of monogamy in a relationship, and just like with any relationship model, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what polyamory should look and feel like.

Long Live Catalunya…and Bruce LaBruce!

With Valentin, Pierre & CatalinaBruce LaBruce finally brings polyamory to XConfessions and it couldn’t be more beautiful! The movie is set in the year 2022, just after the third great world war. Climate Change is threatening humanity and the world is ruled by ruthless emperor Donald Trump and his almighty Twitter account. Only one small, and newly independent country keeps resisting what seems like the inevitable end of human kind: The independent Republic of Catalunya, or as Bruce calls it “A hotter, sexier Switzerland” 😉

Valentin and Pierre are best friends and refugees in Catalunya. Except their deep friendship for each other, they have another thing in common: They are both madly in love with Catalina.

Catalina, a former fighter of the “YoTambien” movement, who got kicked out for sleeping to much with the enemy is very much aware of how much her lovers adore her.

To prove to them that the love they have for each other and her doesn’t have to go to waste just to fit into the social norm of what a relationship is supposed to look like, she pretends to struggle with making a decision between them. She proposes an ultimate test to find out who loves her the most: In order to win the competition and to become her boyfriend, she wants Valentin and Pierre to have sex with each other while she is watching, the winner of her heart will be the one who truly enjoys it more…

To find out how this tricky situation turns into a polyamorous fairytale, go to and watch Bruce’s new XConfessions short Valentin, Pierre & Catalina!


My biggest fantasy is to be in a polyamorous relationship with two guys. I want it to be a romantic relationship, but I also want to find guys who will make love to each other when we’re having three-way sex! The desire has to be equal between all three of us or it doesn’t work for me. I don’t think it will be easy to find. I fantasize about dating two guys who are best friends, and then sitting them down and ordering them to have sex with each other while I watch. I want to be the boss! I might join in, but the idea of them wanting me so much that they would be willing to make love to each other is my ultimate fantasy! 

Confession by Junie Moon; on

Just look at them! If you want to learn more about the incredible performers ValentinBishop and Natalia go check out there interviews on XConfessions!






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All photos in this post are by Aleix Rodon 

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