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Love thyself


It’s a rainy Monday here in Barcelona. And on Mondays, a little bit of extra self-love and attention goes a long way. So let’s talk about self-love.

In the book “Singular Pleasures”, Henry Mathews attentively and atmospherically describes 61 vignettes with people of all ages and nationalities. What do they have in common in these stories? Well: they all masturbate. In Mathews’s realistic vignettes masturbation is treated like a natural part of life  – and as you know, I love to see when artists shed light on taboo subjects.

I think pop music has also moved towards a more open attitude towards masturbation, and has learned to talk about it in more nuanced ways.

I saw this list on Pitchfork  – a list of pop songs that deal with female masturbation.  What do you think – a fair representation of masturbation (yay, it rhymed!) or just the music industry trying to profit from sex? Some songs on there mention a fantasy about someone, in others the other person doesn’t seem needed at all… I would love to hear your own references and favorite songs on the subject – want to share your thoughts? Then let me know in the comments below. Happy Monday!




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