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I love a woman in a suit

Suit up!

Suistudio are here to turn gender norms on their head, all for the sake of getting you into a slick suit. No longer will women in trousers be referred to as wearing a “pant-suit”. No longer do women feel the necessity to wear a skirt and heels to work, although many are still forced to (hi, every airline ever). And Suistudio have come up with the perfect campaign to comment upon the years of sexist macho-ism that has defined masculinity as a suit wearing, whiskey drinking businessman, and women merely as the props to fulfill his sexual needs.

Their latest campaign hit headlines recently as female models in suits stood strong and proud, accessorized by nothing other than faceless, naked men. And before you stop me and say “it’s just marketing”, well, so what? We live in a world of marketing, and of capitalism. We live in a world where we do need to go to work, and many of us feel that being at work we are most appropriately dressed in a suit. How satisfying, if not empowering, it then is to go onto a site such as this and see the image of the women we want to be reflected back to us. Not props, not inferior, not trying to be masculine in order to succeed. Basking in our glorious womanhood and turning the gender-norm on it’s head for a change. Not because we want to objectify men, or because we think men are worthless. But because it has been the other way round for so long. Because when a naked man lies face down on a sofa with a woman in a suit next to him, you know they’ve had a good time – and she’s been in charge. It doesn’t come with all of the connotations of decades of sexually-violent imagery that we’ve been bombarded with from fashion magazines and advertising campaigns of women’s bodies as props.

The male form does not suffer under the patriarchal male gaze of society in the same way a woman’s body does. It is not immediately objectified, reduced to a mass of hormone inducing flesh and skin. When the male gaze looks upon a naked, faceless woman lying on a bed, we know instantly what it signifies. It means woman as object, as orifices to fill, as rape victim or discarded plaything. When the patriarchal gaze looks upon the naked male and the woman in a suit, what it sees is a power-play, a sexual encounter, a damn good time, enjoyed equally by both parties.

Personally, I’ve always loved a woman in androgynous clothing – and vice versa. There is something irresistible about a man in lipstick. Knowing there is a bulge under his dress, or breasts under a strict shirt. So here I’m letting you in on a little sneak peak of a future film I’m releasing, featuring the beautiful performer Kali Sudhra in some gorgeous masculine tailoring. Keep an eye out!


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