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The Lust Book Club: SLUTEVER

Welcome to The Lust Book Club!

“Slut” is a great word. It just sounds perfect-so sharp and clear and beautiful. It’s one of those satisfying four letter words, like cunt and fuck. Slut also happens to be an anagram for lust, which is one of those divine coincidences that makes you wonder if God actually exists.

In case you don’t know already, I’m going to tell you my three biggest passions: sex, food, and books. I make adult cinema, I am an ardent Vegan cook, and I read a lot! And it’s about time I shared my reading habits with all of you! Inspired by Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf, I’m going to read two books per month and share with you my opinions, favourite parts, and reasons you should read it too! Here in The Lust Book Club you’ll be able to come and see what I’ve been reading, read my review, and see if you want to read it yourself! And if you choose to join me on this literary journey you can keep up to date on the book I’m reading next on my Instagram 😉


Dispatches from a sexually autonomous woman in a post-shame world

Let me get real with all you sluts for a second – I have a Karley Sciortino fan in my office and she’s pretty damn obsessed. She’s been bugging me ever since she started here for me to get in contact with Karley and ask her to Guest Direct a film for XConfessions. We even did an Instagram post for her! So when I decided to start my Book Club, I spoke to Daisy about which book should be first, and this was the one she slammed down on my desk. She has two copies so she can lend them to her friends to encourage their conversion to the slut-sex-kult of Karley and embrace their inner slut wisdom. Karley is a columnist at Vogue (called Breathless) and is essentially living the real-life Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle except, unlike Carrie, Karley is actually totally sexually positive, empassioned, political, cool, kinky and operates in a sexual grey area of pretty much “whatever”. She runs her own site Slutever.com and just released her own series on Viceland. She’s always been on my radar, so I wanted to see if this book would get down and dirty with the real Karley – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Karley’s signature charm carries her first book Slutever: Dispatches from a sexually autonomous woman in a post-shame world from her youth in small-town USA to squatting in an abandoned house in London, to her emotionally distant and abusive boyfriend to her first totally consensually and utterly liberating BDSM relationship in New York City. There is no shame in Karley’s writing and this refreshing approach to periods, STIs, awkward blowjobs and black-out drunk threesomes feels truly liberating. She’s essentially taking one for the team (the team being pretty much everyone who doesn’t assign themselves cis-male) by saying “hey, I’ve done some of the weirdest, stupidest, most unusual things in the world and I’m still hot, happy and liberated. So what are you afraid of?

Each chapter deals with a small section of Karley’s life in a pretty much chronological order. Hilarious, insightful highlights include the first time she learnt how to piss in a man’s mouth while working as a Dominatrix; stalking a boy online until he responded and turning up to meet him in a wedding dress; and asking herself “am I a lesbian now?” during her first serious relationship with a woman.

It’s Karley’s personality that shines through a book that is more like flicking through a long and intimate conversation rather than a brain-melting collection of essays. She uses this stereotype of the bimbo-slut, a kind of 50s-era housewife gone ‘bad’, as a commentary on the roles women are expected to conform to in society- either you’re hot, or you’re smart, but not both. Either you’re a whore, or a Madonna, but again, not both. Karley manages to be all four things, telling us throughout the book that slutdom is akin to greatness – and showing us that living a life to it’s sluttiest potential is an act of rebellion in itself.

There are some phrases (“supposed rape culture” for example) and sentences in the book that feel more like misjudged quips than intentional controversial statements. In some ways, I’d say that the book feels very American – and that Karley deliberately dissects a very typical kind of North American attitude towards sex and relationships, a culture that is really so different from ours in Europe. Many of her behaviors and attitudes would be seen as pretty normal on this side of the pond – and she’s fighting against a puritanical, colonial America rather than the world in general. But that’s what makes the book, and Karley, so fascinating. Her quick humor and blasé, eye-rolling attitude toward the feckless men she’s surrounded with says more about her than she explicitly divulges – and I think that’s the whole point.

Have you joined my club, and did you read it?

Let me know in the comments below!


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