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The Lust Weekly Roundup

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This is the weekly Lust news roundup: catch up on the week’s sex-tech, sex-politics, feminism, and industry news here every Sunday.

Monday 18 February – Sunday 24 February 

News Roundup:

R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse in Chicago [The New York Times]

A UK call screening app that helps sex workers avoid dangerous clients, “Ugly Mugs”, is at risk of being shut down. Google’s New Play Store Rules Are Breaking an App Sex Workers Use to Keep Safe [Motherboard]

Why are men the default option? The Deadly Truth About a World Built for Men – from Stab Vests to Car Crashes [The Guardian]

Shine Louise Houston speaks about her Quest to Bring Porn to the Mainstream [Bitch Media]

Tweet of the Week:

Please have a read of Lux’s thread “Sex trafficking doesn’t look the way most of you think it does”…


Podcast of the Week:

Holly Randall has a brilliant podcast, Holly Randall Unfiltered. She sheds light on those working in the adult industry and has brilliant guests on each episode. I was also lucky enough to meet Holly and be on the podcast when I went to LA last year! [Holly Randall Unfiltered] 

This is an interesting article on a generation who have grown up with internet porn, and how it’s changed the way they have sex: Has Porn Become the Ultimate Passion Killer? [HuffPost UK]

This Week’s Lust News:

I got to speak about my project The Porn Conversation in this piece on Spanish sex education: Yes, your children are watching porn. And this is what it does to them [El Pais]

New Release: Unfolding by Kay Brandt on Lust Cinema [Erika Lust Films]

Have a great Sunday! 


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