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Barcelona Sex Project is an independent and experimental documentary that brings you up close and personal with 6 gorgeous Barcelona residents. Three men and three women invite you into their everyday lives and intimately share their stories, passions, and finally, orgasms. Screened at Paris Porn Film Festival (2008), CineKink New York (2009), and X-RATED in Amsterdam (2009).

Good looks and great personalities are just about our subjects have in common. Three guys, three girls – all come from different social scenes and backgrounds, and all are extremely likable … Especially once the clothes come off and the real action begins! Each graciously lets us watch while they bring themselves to an ecstatic orgasm, and the results, thanks to Erika’s amazing eye, are hands-down the most stylish solo scenes ever captured on camera. Beautiful, stark and incredibly authentic, Barcelona Sex Project is perfect for sex culture enthusiasts and fans of masturbation erotica.

Best Erotic Documentary – Venus International Fair, Berlin (2008).

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