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Amarna Miller

2017 | 90 min

Erika Lust presents 8 short films featuring the alluring, quirky and kinky ingenue that is Amarna Miller.

Amarna has been with us since the very beginning of XConfessions. An accomplished director, performer and activist, once you discover her, you won’t want to watch anyone else! Able to embody a vastly different range of intriguing, sensual characters throughout her work with XC, she has made a film for every taste. This collection begins with a foursome with Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley and Owen Grey in Sweet But Psycho as a naïve and shy young woman who is eventually seduced into swinging with her husband. She explores submission in An Appointment With My Master, visiting a BDSM master and being tortured and teased for a whole afternoon between doing her grocery shopping and cooking dinner for herself. She explores domination in Latex Sessions, and the thrill of being caught in Before The Guests Arrive.

You can see each film separately on the XConfessions site, just click on the links below!

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