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Food Porn

2017 | 105 min

Combine two of life’s greatest pleasures through Erika Lust’s collection of Food Porn! Salivate as lovers cover each other in food, or three women indulge in Spanish polpo before seducing the tasty chef. In this collection you’ll find every XConfessions film that whets your appetite!

Ever been out shopping for groceries when you’ve been overpowered by a different kind of hunger, that leads you to grab the nearest delicious stranger and let them satisfy you? Look no further than She Groped Me by the Groceries, a Guest Directed short from London. Or perhaps it’s your First Time Eating Oysters and Pussy? Seafood is the ultimate aphrodisiac. A fruitarian guru seduces you in The Garden of Eden, offering you sweet morsels and kisses; before eating you for desert. And the best pairing for a Spanish red wine turns out to be a mouthwatering Spanish man in Wine is the Best Lubricant.

Lick your lips and stimulate those tastebuds with Food Porn: a collection for every taste.

For a list of every film in the collection, see below!

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