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Girl on Girl

2017 | 125 min

Erika Lust presents 10 female-centric and lesbian fantasies exploring mutual masturbation, group sex and the pleasures of self-love.

It’s a well-known fact that most mainstream porn is abundant with lesbian films that don’t feature, y’know, real lesbians. Welcome to another world; full of women who love other women, bisexual women, sexually fluid women and just women just doing it for themselves.

Be a Hero takes the POV genre to a whole other level as Anneke Necro indulges in some quality solo-time with her GoPro camera. A traveller crashes on the couch of two lesbian friends, but is soon drawn into their bed in I Wish I Was a Lesbian. Plus a little for the more niche appetite… four girls prowl, tussle and lick like little kittens in Meow Kittens Orgy, while a lover comes from beyond our realm in Spectrophilia

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