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Come Together

2017 | 137 min

Two may be company, but three is most definitely not a crowd in this collection of the best in group adult entertainment. From the trusty threesome to the more experimental orgy, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best films by Erika Lust for XConfessions that feature the most enjoyable kind of teamwork.

Ever thought your weekly gym routine needed a little spicing up? Look no further than the Sadistic Trainer, who pushes his group of fitness buffs to the point that they tie him up, and indulge in an Olympic medal-worthy orgy. Or perhaps you like sharing your partner? In the classic and hugely popular We Know You Are Watching, a couple spots a voyeuristic neighbor, and invite her over to get to know each other…

Pansexuals features gay, lesbian and bisexual sex all in one! A rare occurrence in mainstream entertainment. And four of the most loved performers on the scene come together for a surprisingly open-minded Airbnb vacation in the Spanish hillside in Sweet But Psycho.

After this, you might be tempted to try it for yourself…

For a list of every film in the collection, see below!

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