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Top Ten Anal Sex Movies

Top Ten Anal Sex Movies

Anal Sex - A Taboo for Many, But Possibly Very Enjoyable.
Erika Lust | August 10, 2023 | 7 min. read | Photos by Erika Lust

A lot of people might have their concerns and hesitations about having anal sex, and yet, when done properly and respectfully, it can be an irreplaceable source of pleasure.
If you have doubts - especially if you’re a first-timer - be sure to check out our article about the topic as it gives you all the tips and precautions to make sure you have a mess-free, painless and gratifying experience.
If, on the other hand, you want to see in practice how it’s done, (or, you just want to watch beautifully executed films with a gorgeous cast and hot anal sex..), be sure to check out our compilation of the 10 films across our platforms where you can catch a bit of “butt action”.

1. Spark on LustCinema

It’s been a long time since Maggie (Maya Woulfe) went on a first date and it’s time that she got back on the horse. With help from her uncle (Bryn Pryor), she sets up a profile on the dating app Spark and starts looking for her Mr. Right. With lots of swiping, awkward first dates, hot hook up sex, and some ghosting (naturally…), this Lust Cinema Original adult movie covers the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern world. Directed by Casey Calvert and with special appearances from adult performers Dante Colle, Alexis Tae, Tommy Pistol, and Ryan Driller, this is a star studded erotic exploration of finding love (and pleasure) in an app full of anonymous faces. When was the last time you felt a spark with someone new?

2. MY ASS on XConfessions

A group of women reclaim their bodies as territory for their own pleasure, with their own freedom to explore and enjoy it.
Extremely talented, real dancers enjoy their connection to themselves and to the rhythm of the music.
A regular rehearsal day turns into an explosion of pelvic liberation, booty shaking, and energetic dance. As the music penetrates further into their bones, we enter the imagination of one of the dancers as she lets go of all taboos and opens herself up to the pleasure of female anal sex.

3. Unraveled Intimacies on LustCinema

Based on sexpert and cinematographer Madison Young's memoir 'Daddy', LustCinema feature Unraveled Intimacies takes you on a journey of sexual revelation and personal growth as you delve deep into the psyche that is Madison Young. Young's LustCinema debut is filled with raw emotions, passion, lust and above all, tantalising sex scenes as the star-studded cast, including Madison Young herself, Michael Vegas, Siouxsie Q, Mona Wales, Dylan Ryan, Annabelle Lee and Tommy Pistol redefine their understanding of love and desire. A great script, and an even greater director and cast, topped with the unique sense of style provided by Erika Lust's brand new studio LustCinema, create real adult cinema magic.

4. His Was First in My Ass on XConfessions

Tiffany gets inspired by an erotic book on anal sex, and decides that it's time for sexual liberty.
The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir by Toni Bentley is a witty and eloquent exploration of one woman’s enjoyment of anal sex and submission that may lead you to question your own desires. The book inspired me to make this XConfessions short film His Was First in my Ass, so I think you can probably guess what it’s about…
This is our first XConfessions film showing an anal scene, and it does it in a new light: erotic, pleasurable, beautiful and sexy. Inspired by an erotic book, this film tells a poetic tale of the taboo of anal sex and the sexual liberty and pleasure it can bring to those who love it. His Was First In My Ass celebrates the pleasures outside of convention while capturing a passionate encounter with two truly amazing performers: Tiffany Doll and Jay Smooth.

5. All About Hope on LustCinema

Hope, Chris and Liam are a regular, loving family supporting each other through life's ups and downs. While father Chris is struggling with his self-image as an ageing actor, son Liam is head over heels in love with his new boyfriend Daniel. He invites him to spend the summer with him and his family at their home in New Hampshire. What could have been the perfect opportunity for creating lasting memories and building family bonds, soon turns into a rollercoaster of emotions for the young couple when Daniel finds himself questioning his sexuality. When one night a discussion between Liam and Daniel escalates, Liam decides to spend the night at a friend's house to give his lover some space and time to think. Frustrated and confused, Daniel turns to Liam's mother Hope for advice. Even though Hope loves her husband with all her heart, she has to admit to herself that she has developed an unexpected attraction for her son's boyfriend that is clearly mutual. Is the crisis that's unfolding inevitable, or can they find a way to maintain the family's integrity?

6. Hot Power Couple on XConfessions

Our daughter started 1st grade in a new school in Brooklyn a few months ago.
There is this particular couple whose kid is getting along very well with our kid, and they are pretty cool and very attractive. We’ve heard from other parents that they are a power couple here in NY, he is a talented architect and she is a fashion designer.
Is it weird that I’m having sexual fantasies with them? Is it weird that last week I decided to act on those feelings and somehow got myself an invitation to their place?
The hottest bisexual foursome from Erika Lust's XConfessions Vol. 10. This short is all about tension and undeniable passion between lustfully like-mined people who can't keep their hands off each other. This isn’t stereotypical foursome porn where the men just watch the women have sex. These performers are so turned on by each other, resulting in a real, passionate bisexual scene where the pleasure is distributed plentifully and completely equally.

7. Sex Evolution on LustCinema

Yuli & Mateo Owiak are a real-life couple that brought their passion and love to the screen in Sex Evolution. With outstanding performances and astonishing visuals captured by the OVERSEXED crew, they show the chemistry of a long-term couple; every kiss and caress feels different when you know each other so well.

8. Domestic Servitude on XConfessions

Discover the eroticism of service submission.
Returning guest director Poppy Sanchez explores the thrills of service submission in this explicit short film. A scheduling mishap leaves two submissives cleaning their Mistress’ apartment at the same time. Through gritted teeth they abide to the discipline of domestic labour until some unexpected guests arrive. Will the two submissives follow their mistress’ orders? Prepare yourself for a kinky film that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, and voyeurism and exhibitionism.

9. Pleasure Fix on LustCinema

"I like how you lick my pussy but…" "Can we have a threesome?" "I want to peg you baby!" Sex can be hard to talk about. Pleasure Fix is an app designed to help couples explore their sexuality by trying new things.

10. Jealousy Shock Therapy on XConfessions

Taking the Ludovico technique to intoxicating new heights.
Taking the Ludovico technique to whole new levels, a couple visits a marriage counselor. What they weren't expecting, however, is for such a drastic technique - that ends up with a fiery threesome, pegging and some light spanking! Lucy and Miro are a real-life couple, joined by Dion de Rossi for her
XConfessions debut. Directed by Erika Lust, it's another fantastic release from the award-winning series, based on anonymous public members submitting their sexual confessions.

Happy watching! :P

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