Guest Writers

How to Boost Your Solo Play as a Penis Owner

by Sara Brown

Creating a More Inclusive Dating World

by Jay Jay Revlon

How do you know if the porn you consume is ethical?

by Almaz Ohene

The Couple Next Door: To Penetrate my Boyfriend or Not?

by Guillermina Torresi

The Couple Next Door: Masturbating Without You

by Guillermina Torresi

Masturbation Conversations: Naming Female Pleasure

by Catherine Harry

Masturbation: Forget Coming, Try Becoming

by Justin Hancock

How a Friend Inspired Me to Masturbate for the First Time

by Leeza Mangaldas

The couple next door: fantasising vs. having a threesome

by Guillermina Torresi

The History of Pornography

by Almaz Ohene

The Porn Conversation steps in to provide free sex ed for all

by Avril Louise Clarke

Sexuality and sex work: how we can break the bias & empower women

by Mar E. Zamora

LGBTQ+ Relationships in Prison: Power, Coercion, or Love?

by Donnie McKinley

Sexual Education & Disability: Sex with a Stoma

by GoAskAlex

Asexual People Don’t Hate Sex: Asexuality is Sex Positive

by Cody Daigle-Orians

Cancer & Breast Worship: Before a Double Mastectomy

by Jennifer Gordon

Here's What Asexual People Think About Porn

by Yasmin Benoit

Sex & Cancer: Sexuality During Cancer Treatment

by Rebecca Stewart

Bisexual Erasure: Why Bi Visibility is So Important

by Vaneet Mehta

Men, It’s Time to Start Experimenting with Sex Toys

by Andy Jones

Sex & Wine: Bring Sensual Wine Rituals into Your Life

by Marissa A. Ross

Why Hiring a Sex Worker is Great for Your Sex Life: Partnered or Single

by Kali Sudhra

Why I Masturbate on Zoom Every Sunday With Women Around The World

by Ryn Pfeuffer

You Can Still Have a Sex Life with Vaginismus and Endometriosis

by Lara Parker

What is Tantric Sex & How Do You Practice it?

by Sophie Lua

Learn How to Cycle Sync Your Period for Hotter Sex

by Jenna Schreck

Performance Anxiety & Delayed Ejaculation in Penis Owners

by Gavriel Chichester

Colonialism & the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Black Women and Women of Colour

by Almaz Ohene

“HIV gave me a new purpose” — heterosexual man with HIV

by Philipp Spiegel

Tantric Domination & Conscious Hedonism

by Roxy Fox

COCO: Conscious, Organic, Committed, Open Relationships

by Katie Mae

Pleasure School with Sexologist Juliet Allen

by Lisa Scott

Start Having Sex Magick: Cast Spells With Your Orgasms

by Sophie Saint Thomas

A Strong Relationship and Great Sex in Trying Times

by Dr. Ari Tuckman

Touch Me, Please Me, Ignite My Fire: Cannabis & Sexual Freedom

by Lizzy Jeff