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Maty Chevriere: An Artist Collaborator on XConfessions

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

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Maty Chevriére is an artist and photographer, and all round super cool woman. Her photographs capture the sexuality and sensuality of women. Her friends, models and even the landscape are the muses for her bright, colourful work; combining the natural beauty of the female form with the beautiful backdrop of the Canary Islands and Barcelona. Below is my interview with her, on becoming an artist, female sexuality and nature. Scroll down to read and see more beautiful photographs!




Tell me a bit how and when you started making art

I started drawing from a very young age, it was my way to escape from reality. I would use whatever was in my reach, which in my case was coloured pencils. I still remember when my dad bought me my first box of good coloured pencils from Faber Castell. And every time I got a new box I got goosebumps from the satisfaction of seeing all the new sharpened pencils. A friend of mine told me that this kind of moment can be called a micro orgasm.


What came first- drawing or photography? Do both have the same significance for you?

Drawing came first. When I was around 10 years old I became interested in manga and anime so I started drawing girls with that aesthetic, often naked but not in very explicit ways. I guess that was my first contact with erotic art. Drawing and photography are equally important for me but in different ways, although I use them both to express myself and to address the same subjects. When it comes to painting, it’s a very intimate process, there’s only the canvas and me so I disconnect entirely from the world. When I take photos I’m never by myself because I always work with the human body, almost always the female body (at least for the moment). I find it important to create a comfortable atmosphere so the model can be completely herself and feel like at home. Although I plan the shootings beforehand, I also enjoy taking into accounts the model’s vision and go with the flow and see what happens.



Your art is very sex positive. What is your motivation behind showing things in a sexually, explicit and revealing way?

I started making erotic art with the aim of impacting the viewer, either if it was in a positive or negative way. I didn’t mind as long as they stopped and stared at it for a while. This seemed challenging for me in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with images and information. But while I began working and exploring more, other facets started to arise making my work more complex. So the shock factor is still present but now I gravitate more towards capturing the harmonies, the colours and the silhouettes of the human body juxtaposed to the ones from nature. Sex is an essential part of our lives so creating erotic imagery feels very natural for me, but at the same time I’m well aware it’s still a big taboo in our society. Recently, some of my photos were reported on Instagram and Facebook, which deeply annoyed me. I just wish everyone could see the female body the way I do, marvelling at its powerful beauty but without objectifying it. After all, We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for sex!



If you could describe yourself in one image, what would that be?



Your photographs often portray soft and feminine curves in rough environments. Why is this contrast between the female body and rural nature so important for you?

Well, I come from Canary Islands, seven volcanic islands close to Africa. I grew up on the beach and surrounded by volcanoes and nature. For me, body and nature are inseparable so I don’t find a huge contrast between these two worlds. Actually, I enjoy portraying them together as parts of the same thing. My intention is to create an environment –often touched by the sunlight where you can loose yourself between the curves of both feminine body and nature.


Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?

Blessed Ludovica Albertoni

Maty Chevriere’s work has illustrated one confession so far, If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple. Check it out, and more info about her and her work, on XConfessions!



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