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It’s Moving Day On XConfessions!

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
A Mudança

“As I opened the boxes and unpacked my things, I kept thinking about fucking in the moving truck parked outside…”

This weeks XConfessions release is our second contribution from South America 😍. Brasilian Director Denise Kelm brings a hot Confession to life with first time performers Jaspe Antares and Lui Castanho.

I am in awe about how Denise took a very classic ‘I’m the repairman and I’m here to drill some holes..’ – kinda fantasy into a queer and authentic piece of art.

I also love it when my directors choose unusual sets for their shoots and shooting inside of a moving truck is definitely a first time for us. Just the thought of being inside of a truck on a suburban street in the middle of the day, with people passing by not knowing (or maybe they do?) what’s going on inside is such a turn on!

Watch Jaspe dominate Lui next to her packed up furniture and chaotic moving boxes. I think it is save to say that she was satisfied with the companies services 😉


Watch the trailer below! 

“As I opened the boxes and unpacked my things, I kept thinking about fucking in the moving truck parked outside. I did not care if the neighbours listened to us. I could only look at the guy from the moving company, his sweat, his body. And all I thought about was grabbing him with my hands.

Confession by Denise on xconfessions.com

It’s finally moving day for Jaspe, who has been waiting to move into her new home for far too long and she is waiting impatiently at her new and empty apartment for the moving company to arrive with her belongings. She is waiting on the balcony and with her blue hair and colorful clothes, it looks like she was born to just stand on that balcony looking over the city of Florianópolis in Southern Brazil. 

Meanwhile, just a view miles away, Lui, who is working for the moving company Jaspe hired, picks up the phone to call her to say that he will be running late due to unforeseeable circumstances. When he hears how impatient she is getting on the phone, he decides to get going and do the move without his unreliable colleague to not upset his client.

As soon as Lui gets to Jaspe’s apartment, the tension between the two of them is undeniable. As Lui is trying hard not to get distracted from doing his job, Jaspe has something else in mind that he could do..

Watching Lui work, she starts touching herself gently under her mini skirt and teasing poor Lui who can hardly focus on drilling holes in the wall anymore..Finally they end up inside the moving truck in front of the house where they take their client-service-provider-relationship to the next level!

Some awesome facts about the crew of A Mudança: It was a collective first time working in porn for the entire crew! You can feel that they are all friends and it is so sweet how highly they speak of each other in the performers and director’s interviews. Oh and Director Denise and Perfomer Lui are a couple in real life 🙂


Watch the interviews with Jaspe and Lui on XConfessions!

Don’t you just love the lighting in this movie? The shady red light gives the truck scene such a hot vibe! Our new XConfessions performers did great. I think my favourite scene is when Jaspe sits on top of Lui and after she is done the camera zooms out and you can see the look on Lui’s face..there’s so much pleasure, intimacy and confidence in the way he smiles at her, it’s brilliant!


Take a look at some of the behind the scenes below!

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessionsRegister now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

All photos in this post are by LETICIAH FUTATA

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