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All my masturbation films, in one!

Continuing the celebrations of International Masturbation Month, I’ve been reflecting on the best masturbatory moments in XConfessions! 

As always, pleasure is the purpose! And my XConfessions performers really know how to create the ultimate amount of pleasure. I always try to cast performers who work well together, who have chemistry and naturally know how to press each other’s buttons! This has made for some truly explosive moments over the last 10 years! So here’s my run down of the best, enjoy!

Be a Hero 💦

This confession about stealing your boyfriends GoPro and making saucy solo videos in the bath tub seemed so enticing! Sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman pleasure herself. And with the enchanting Anneke Necro and some very emotive shadows playing across the bath water, it turned out spectacularly!

My Roomie’s Toy 👭

The ultimate in female satisfaction. When in doubt: grab your favourite toy (or someone else’s…)! I loved this confession about a girl stealing her flatmates vibrator, keeping the secret, having those dark lustful feelings around those people we spend a lot of time with. What made it even better was finishing the scene off with a lesbian encounter between two new performers to XConfessions!

Can Vampires Smell My Period? 💀

This was a great moment for me in XConfessions, the time had come to break all period taboos! Masturbating on your period is especially good and can be actually very sexy… see for yourself!

Chicazo 💋

I love this confession. A regular peep show, an androgynous girl, a few coins… the idea of touching yourself in front of a poised and attentive audience is thrilling! And Luna Corazon is undoubtedly beautiful.

I Imagine a Rapt Audience 💥

Another voyeuristic and very common fantasy! I get a lot of confessions like this, about being watched, but the way this was written and the title really spoke to me!

Have I missed anything? Do you have a favourite masturbation scene that I haven’t listed? Tell me in the comments!

You can see all of these glorious moments, plus 9 volumes of XConfessions shorts here!

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