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My open call to finance and produce female erotic film directors



“It’s time for porn to change, and for that we need women, we need women in the leadership roles, as producers, as directors as scriptwriters. I don’t want to get women out of porn. I want to get women into porn. We need women in porn. Behind the camera”  (Erika Lust for TEDxVienna December 2014)

I am opening a call worldwide for female film directors. I want to find the next wave of adult female filmmakers, who please the eyes and tantalize the senses, who inspire and arouse and contribute to my mission to change porn.


I believe in having women behind the camera in all key positions, and the importance of the female gaze in a male dominated porn industry. I have produced and directed over 100 shorts, and have more than 100,000 members on my site XConfessions, where anonymous members of the public submit their fantasies and experiences; out of which I choose two a month to interpret into adult cinematic shorts.



After working with several guest directors  I have decided that I want to continue producing adult cinema with women at the helm. A good example of my work with other directors is this recent short, The Bitchhiker, on XConfessions.com , directed by Olympe de G– watch the trailer below.


I have budgeted €250,000 for the project as a whole, with different amounts dedicated to different films. I am offering my support and funding for you to make a short film with explicit sex. You will need to source your own cast and crew, locations, write your script. You will have creative control, but we will be your support: especially in terms of legal aspects, documentation, information about working in adult cinema and finding appropriate performers. I want to start a global community of female filmmakers. I want to confront mainstream porn and make feminist erotica relevant, not the exception. I want a new kind of adult cinema to spread across the world and I am looking for women to help me. 



I am looking mainly for women. I need creative minds with filmmaking experience. If your idea is great, and you can get a cast and crew, we’ll talk about business 🙂


I’d rather not give these opportunities to those already making adult cinema – rather I want to reach minds that are untapped and perhaps haven’t even considered making erotica before discovering that it can be realistic, representative and artistic.


I want applicants from all over the world. We will be producing 10 short films made by new female directors during 2017.



–       Proven experience in filmmaking (Do you have a reel?)

–       A desire to represent female sexuality outside of mainstream clichés

–       The time and dedication to make a short film

–       A script/treatment/moodboard of your idea

–       A budget (I have allocated €250,000 for the whole project, not per film)

–       Understanding of my ethics and my films



You need to send an email, and you need to prove you are legit! If you can send us a PDF dossier of all your materials (not too much please!) including;

–       Script/treatment and moodboard for a film no longer than 15 mins

–       A profile on yourself and your experiences in film + CV

–       A short explanation of your vision and why you want to be involved in the project.


Send your application to  me and I’ll get back to you soon: erikalust@lustfilms.com

I look forward to working with you!


There is no deadline to submit.

Any requests to be involved, in any capacity such as performer, director etc. should be emailed to the address above.

Requests to apply, applications or pitches posted in the comments below will not be counted.

The specifications to apply are in the post above! If you can’t take the time to read the post, how will you make a short film? 😉

I have already financed 32 short films to be released on XConfessions with Guest Directors!
Spit It Up by Adriana Eskenazi
Adriana has directed two films for me so far, check out her Guest Director profile here

La Mujer y el Pescador by Nuría Nia

Check out her Guest Director profile here

Take Me Through the Looking Glass by Olympe de G. 

Olympe has directed multiple films for me, and has more coming, including an orgy raising money for Amnesty International! Have a look at all of her films here

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