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My Top 5 Romantic Films from Jacky St. James

Need some Romantic Valentines Inspiration? Look no further! Here is my roundup of the sexiest, most romantic films to get your pulse racing and brow sweating – from one of the best directors in the field, Jacky St. James!

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Spicing It Up

“A lot of people believe you can’t have a fulfilling sex life in a long term relationship. They say that sex becomes predictable and boring. Sex only becomes boring, if you become boring.” All hail Jacky St. James, queen of the New Sensations production house and always making incredible films. This one is part of The Lesbian Experience series, and lets us into the lives of 4 couples, who are making the effort to keep the spark alive in their committed relationships. Deeply romantic, sensual, sweet and beautiful, this is my favourite JSJ film by far!

Watch the trailer now

Spicing Up the Marriage

Straight from the Tales of the Heart series from New Sensations, Spicing Up the Marriage showcases Jacky at her best. Her Direction makes this film moving and arousing in ways that you will just never find in the mainstream! Featuring four straight couples, we see a woman finding her sexuality in a safe, private space – and a couple whose love life is almost non-existent.

Download or stream the full film here 💕

Darker Side of Desire

Are you a little kinky – or do you just like to watch slightly more kinky things? Even if you’ve never been near rough sex films before, you’re going to love this one. Jacky perfectly encapsulates what a real BDSM sexual relationship can be – tender, intimate, and loving. Cassidy Klein is a suburban woman who loves her boyfriend – my favourite person in the world, Mickey Mod – but there’s something missing. She dreams of being dominated – but will her boyfriend understand her desire? Prepare to be blown away.

Check out the trailer before deciding!

First Love

Taking the romance up a notch, in this film there are four stories of women and their first loves. Gia Paige is on the verge of getting married – but is it really what she wants? And two women who meet online but don’t seem to have a real life connection are brought together again by the universe. Jacky gives us another in The Lesbian Experience that I can’t get enough of!

Trailer here, lovers

The Submission of Emma Marx: The Series

This is the most popular series on my store apart from my XConfessions series! Jacky’s take on the BDSM romance far outshines that of Miss Steele in the 50 Shades of Grey series. She takes what could seem like a subject that could be too harsh or too violent and makes it romantic and intimate and moving. The Emma Marx series is one that I can watch on repeat – and now I’m offering you the first three from the 4 films in one handy package! Lucky you 😉

Watch the trailers for all the films here

And there we have it! My 5 favourite films from one of my favourite directors. Jacky is an incredibly talented woman, and I can’t help but keep falling in love with her films over and over again. If you already know these films, make sure you check out the rest of her work on my store! and remember, until Wednesday it’s 69% off!

See all of Jacky’s Films

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