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Naked Yoga and a Lesbian Retreat in Momentum pt.3

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Momentum Volume 3 by Lightsouthern

Third time’s a charm! I’ve released part 3 of the Momentum series on Lust Cinema and this is my favourite yet!

Watch the trailer for Momentum Volume 3 here!

This film is totally centred around women. Three of them go on a holiday to a cabin in the woods – and Michelle Flynn manages to capture the creepy, horror movie vibe whilst making a ridiculously sexy movie, which is much to her credit! Opening with a horror story told around a bonfire in the Australian bush, we’re instantly drawn into their world, and cannot draw ourselves away!


After the cute opening, we are treated to a solo scene amongst the grass and nature. While her friends go and paddle by the lake, one woman stays behind and gets comfy on a blanket, taking her clothes off and lying back, looking around at the glorious nature. It is the most relaxing, and deeply arousing, solo scene that I’ve seen for a long time!

Later on we then witness a light BDSM scene, where another woman turns up and starts causing trouble… upturning the clean laundry onto the grass, she just has to be punished. And what better way to punish her than by tying her to a tree and making her watch as two of the women have intense, romantic sex that is full of laughter as well as touches of spanking and some clothes pegs on the nipples! This film has everything, and you need to take a quiet hour alone to watch it the whole way through. Once you’re hooked on this series, you won’t be able to stop!

Momentum Volume. 3 takes us into the woods for an ethereal, refreshing, female-focused break. Join this group of beautiful, natural women at their retreat for naked yoga and lazy afternoons in the grass. Michelle Flynn brings us another spectacular solo scene in the heart of tranquility, followed by an intense but loving and intimate three way scene involving lots of licking, rubbing and restraint, proving yet again that anything is possible with ethical adult producers Light Southern. 

So what are you waiting for Lusties? We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema, alternating between my XConfessions series and ethical, fantastic adult cinema from the future of porn Directors and production houses. You can watch these and more now in Lust Cinema!

Or… download Momentum Volume 3 in HD from my store.

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