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Click, lusties, click!

🌟 We redecorated! 🌟 (and we hope you like it!)

This is my first post in my brand new website. It makes me a bit nervous, tbh (good nervous of course)! We launched it last Friday after many days of intense work (hats off to Hugo & Gerard, the amazing brains in our IT Team). The new web is a result of the restyling of our online image (we have a new logo as well, and it’s HOT!), and after spending the weekend celebrating it – cause what’s the point if not- , here I am, telling you the news.

We wanted to bring you a fresh and cleaner website, reflecting the new moment we’re living in Erika Lust Films and in XConfessions. You must have noticed that our latest works are loaded with art and inspiration, and I wanted our online house to breathe the same! More elegant, more creative and a lot more cinema. More close to who we are and who we want to be.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-02 a las 17.12.10
(Thanks universe for the existence of the skin!)


The design is by Ms. Cristina Pastrana, Art Director (the fabulous woman who makes XC’s posters so beautiful that had a newspaper publishing an ode to them 💪). And this is what she has to say about it:


It all started when Mario Eskenazi, one of the most remarkable designers in Barcelona, created our new logo. When we saw his project, we fell in love with the logo and thought it was a good time to bring a new look to the entire website.

We are immersed in audiovisual references, and that’s why we decided to do something where it stands out above all. We wanted to open Erika’s work and invite the user to enter the Lust universe from the very first moment. That’s why throughout the web you’ll find many beautiful videos – they are here to reflect our vision of erotism. Strong images that speak about this aesthetics, this feelings, this sensations… things that we find to be so necessary in porn.

Plus, we really wanted to bring a little bit of Erika’s personality into the website: we planned different structures thought different pages to show that more the filmmaker who founded XConfessions, Erika is also a person who writes books, goes to cinema festivals, investigates a lot and is constantly stimulated by the world that surrounds her.


Got curious about our new logo by Mario Eskenazi? Here it is:




Now let me walk you through the site:

👅 By clicking in the upper right icons, you’ll find the Menu (especially the page “Films”) translated in several different languages. We are working on having the whole thing translated, to reach everyone! Click on, click on!

🏅 In Press, you’ll read (and watch!) the most relevant sex-positive publications who featured my work 🙂

👓 Blog posts now will be organized by sections! In Erika says…, you’ll find my personal opinion about a bunch of different topics. In Films & Releases, you’ll see the latests films in XConfessions or Lust Cinema, and everything related to my audiovisual production. And last but not least, if you click in Erotica Culture you’ll find a number of short articles about trends, the sex world, art & erotica and my biggest references and inspirations. (I confess that lately I’ve been a bit sloppy with this section but this new website was taking most of my time. Now that it’s finished, you can expect tons of cool stuff around here!)

So? Like what you see?

We did all this for you to feel good with us! My office team is quite small and that’s the magic, since just like XConfessions, this website is made by you and me. Come closer, write us emails, tell us your stories and things you would like to see around here. And of course, stay tuned on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, for snaps & news & love.

💌 By the way, are you registered in my newsletter? You know, I have a lot to say! Let me write you once a month with fresh news about what’s coming next, or any (other sex-related) story. Oh, and did I mention that if you register you’ll receive one of my films to watch for free? So what are you waiting for?

📲 And it not only does it look a way better, it has new features to make it faster and easier for you to browse – no matter what device you’re using 🙂

FullSizeRender (5)
Also looking good on your phone!



PD: We are however still improving, so if you do see something that looks a bit odd, please bear with me while we fix all missing thinks 🙂


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